Wk 2: We knew you so well

Nice meeting you guys last week! Congrats on all the bomb plaster projects! And my condolences to anyone who had technical difficulties. This week you get to contemplate your earthly departure as we create farewell self portraits in “Landscapes with a Corpse.”

Wk 3: vlogging

From Ancient Greece and Rome resonating through Western Culture for 2,000 years, to Francesca Woodman inspiring other artists, to your own “Hi, it’s me!” vlog for visitors to your website, it’s all about connections this week!

Let’s Go Plaster Casting!

Hi Guys! Nice meeting you yesterday! I hope to see many of you at the Seal Beach Pier tomorrow. Here’s some info on a few topics: • Due This Week • Plaster Casting • International Students • Tout • Lock Art110 Talk Registrations • Library Books

Mary Hanson

Today was a good day. Mary Hanson and a few other students were the first to arrive at the Seal Beach Pier for our “Plaster Casting / Sculpture Experience.” And I think Mary said something to me like,