Merry Death launched her website “Merry” today. She wants to give me a bottle of wine in thanks for helping. I want her to create a community.

Happy Trails!

We’ve come to the end of our 12-week summer Art110! I’ve tallied your Up & Down votes for our activities and worked on some ideas for a better course. You’ll never guess who wound up being the #1 student this summer. And finally a farewell message. It’s been a great summer. Thank you all for being a part of it.

Online Discussion Groups

Based on student feedback, video discussion groups are out. Text chat is possible, but commenting on each other’s blogs seems like an even more natural, valuable, and asynchronous way to go.

Instagram Day Summer 14

It’s Instagram Day in Summer Art 110! For the 24 hours of Wednesday July 2, 2014 our 26-student community is snapping IG’s of whatever is going on in their life and hashtagging them #art110sum14. After today we’ll each review our group day and reflect on any connections we see in this big “group portrait.” Below is a live feed of the latest image posts: