Happy Trails!

We’ve come to the end of our 12-week summer Art110! I’ve tallied your Up & Down votes for our activities and worked on some ideas for a better course. You’ll never guess who wound up being the #1 student this summer. And finally a farewell message. It’s been a great summer. Thank you all for being a part of it.

Wk 12: Teach One!

Did you think your summer would never end? Here we are: Week 12! Time to wrap up this chapter in the novel of your life. To help us do it we have special guests: The Art of Our Time, Andy Warhol, and your chance to “teach one” art activity or idea to others.

Online Discussion Groups

Based on student feedback, video discussion groups are out. Text chat is possible, but commenting on each other’s blogs seems like an even more natural, valuable, and asynchronous way to go.

Wk 11: Your Turn!

This week it’s Your Turn to pick the Activity! Try an art activity you’ve always wanted to. Also this week we look at the 21st century and the work of virtual performance artist Joseph DeLappe.

Landscapes with a Corpse

You guys seemed to have a lot of fun with Landscapes with a Corpse. It seems like even the few of you who weren’t so excited about the idea wound up having fun once you got into it. Here’s a few of your “landscapes.”

Wk 10: Portrait Photography

In our 2nd week of Identity Art we try Portrait Photography of our own demise. Meanwhile our Art talk on Free Culture and our Artist OTW Aaron Swartz both ask us to think about creativity here in the “Internet Century,” and if the old folkways, mores, norms, and laws of the previous “Mass Media Century” are still relevant.

Your CFID Activities

Wonderful Counterfactual Identity projects you guys! It’s interesting, a bunch of you were so excited to do this activity… and… a bunch of you were so dreading doing this activity! But I have to say that the peeps who were excited and the peeps who were dreading both wound up doing some really nice work.

Wk 9: Hacking Reality

In week 7 we looked at Realism & Romanticism. This week we’ll think about Representation & Abstraction, hang out with the reality smashing Italian pranksters Eva & Franco Mattes, and hack our personal reality with our Counterfactual Identity activity.

Your Kickstarter Vids

Last week you tried out making a Kickstarter pitch for some creative project. Here are a few of your wonderful videos. You may have done it for “practice” this time, but remember that you could do it “for real” the next time you have an inspiring idea. Kickstarter is a great way to let the people in your world help you create something new and exciting.

Wk 8: Kickstarter

It’s all about “limits” this week. The limitless artist Marina Abramovic. The limitless possibilities of funding creative projects through Kickstarter. And the limitless world of art in the 20th century.