Wk13 – Easy Street!

Some nice teaching activities last week. This week’s activity? It’s true, we’re done! Now it’s just 2 conversations / posts a week: an Artist and a Classmate. Also signups for ePortfolio presentations today.

Wk12: Teach One

Lots of wonderful “Your Turn” activities from peeps last week. This week it’s on to our final Activity, “Teach One.” Also news about new, easier gallery tags, and Corinne & Jack’s awesome dance project!

Week 9: Video

We made some beautiful ePortfolios last week, and now this week we’ll add “Welcome to my Website” vlogs to our “About Me” pages. Meanwhile, we need to be sure to use the ARTIST TAG on our conversation posts!

Wk8: ePortfolio

Art110 had lots of fun painting last week from backyards to Venice Beach. This week we’re on to creating the ePortfolios that we hope will land us the big job interview or help us gain access to other great things.

Wk7: Painting

A lot of drawing fun and inspiration was had with the French Girls app last week. This week we’re off to Venice Beach (or any legal location) to try some Graffiti Writing. Meanwhile Nicole Illagen, Quynh Ong & Stephen Boyer are filming stuff!

Wk6: Drawing

Drawing Week It’s drawing week in Art110! Full details on the Drawing Activity Page! Points All points are now up to date on BeachBoard. We’ve had 290 points so far, and here’s the numbers you should have to be on track for an “A”, “B”, etc: A – 261 points …

Wk5: Identity Art

A lot of fun at SoCal beaches working on our Sculpture Activities last week. This week we explore Identity Art and give living a “Counterfactual Identity” a try.

Art110 Projects

We’ve looked at Arts Funding from Lorenzo de’ Medici to the NEA 4 and beyond. And a few students have launched their own crowdfunded projects. Please consider becoming a backer!