Chau McCormick lying in the sand on the beach at St. Croix

Summer was awesome!

Annie Georgieva performing her death in a brilliant pink dress and spread out on the ground

Annie Georgieva

Hi Guys!

It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to spend this summer thinking and talking and making about Art with you all. It was nice to meet some of you F2F at the Sculpture and Painting activities. And great seeing what you created and what you talked about each week.

Snapchat image of Becca VanDeVelde at Disneyland

Becca VanDeVelde

To the Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors – Good luck next year! For our Seniors, I know some of you are coming back for a few more units, so good luck to you too. For anyone who’s done at CSULB now, Congratulations!! Best wishes for your moving in to the next phase of your life.

Caitlin Jones "performing" her death by lying supine near a stairwell

Caitlin Jones

As you know, Fall Semester Classes start next week already! I’ll be in the School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard, in-between FA2 & FA3, from 11am – 12:30pm every Thursday. Probably earlier and later than that. Possibly not for week 1. Drop by anytime and say Hi!

Cedric Vu at the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls

Cedric Vu

Top 10

I’ve given everyone their individual final points via private message on Slack. There was so much wonderful work from you guys this summer! Here’s our final top 10:

  1. Lee Macklin – 1392
  2. Tina Wisborn – 1205
  3. Kimmy Toscano – 1196
  4. Sherri Mae Bersabe – 1192
  5. Jolene Wright – 1186
  6. Ngoc Tran – 1105
  7. Ryan Webster – 1029
  8. Zeeshan Dadabhoy – 988
  9. Guan Chen – 967
  10. Raymond Poon – 963
Chau McCormick lying in the sand on the beach at St. Croix

Chau McCormick, dead in St Croix

Activity “Grades”

15 of you chose to do the optional evaluation of our 12 Activities for Summer ’15. Here’s your Up Votes, Down Votes, and Totals for our 12 Activities:

  • Painting +7 -1 = 6
  • Plaster Casting +6 -1 = 5
  • Instagram +5 -1 = 4
  • Museum +4 -1 = 3
  • Landscapes +5 -3 = 2
  • Web Design +1 -0 = 1
  • ePortfolio +1 -0 = 1

  • Snapchat +4 -4 = 0

  • Geocaching +4 -6 = -2
  • Drawing +3 -7 = -4
  • Game Design 1 (Sketchup) +4 -10 = -6
  • Architecture & Urban Planning +1 -7 = -6

Cherry Mendoza in front of the Chris Burden Streetlight installation at LACMA

Cherry Mendoza at LACMA

Painting, Plaster Casting, and Instagram have been at the top of the list for as long as we’ve been doing these Activities. So they’ll definitely stay for next semester.

Two people sit across a sheet of white paper

Chris Repanich & girlfriend – Automatic Drawing

Based on your votes it looks like Game Design 1 (Sketchup / Chair) and Architecture & Urban Planning really need to go. I feel bad about this in that I feel that Architecture, or more specifically, Urban Planning is such a powerful thing that we often don’t think nearly enough about. People like Francesca Woodman or Allan Kaprow are remarkable artists. Their ideas might change our lives. But most of us don’t encounter their work every day. But how we design our cities, how we think about Pedestrians, Cars, Commutes, Community, and so many other aspects of urban spaces, effects the quality and experience of life every single day.

Still, it seems like I’m not communicating that well with this particular activity. Maybe we should lose the AUP Activity, and instead have Jane Jacobs as an Artist OTW.

Thanks for the feedback! It’s helpful to know what’s working well or not so well for you all.

Connor Calhoun slumped back in a lounge chair

Connor Calhoun


Well, if you’re returning to school I guess you only have 4 days of “summer” left! But enjoy them.

Dominique Gilpin in front of a photograph in one of the galleries at MOLAA

Dominique Gilpin at MOLAA

Whetever’s next for you: school, career, family, life, or elsewhere, I hope you have a wonderful experience. And I hope art can be a small piece of that. Whether it’s bringing “creativity” to your work, even technical work in Accounting or Biochem, or doing a craft project on a Saturday, or visiting an Art Museum or exploring Art, Creativity, & Culture online.

It’s been a great summer!

Thanks guys!

— Glenn

Glenn Zucman in front of a plumeria bush

Glenn Zucman

Drew Sanchez standing in front of a statue at the Getty Villa

Drew Sanchez at the Getty Villa

Guan Chen lying on the grass

Guan Chen

Ian Padilla in a large red elevator at LACMA

Ian Padilla at LACMA

Jolene Wright in front of a large, bright, orange surface

Jolene Wright, geocaching

black-and-white photo of Kimmy Toscano in leotard, tights, and pointe shoes, and having fallen and seemingly broken her neck

Kimmy Toscano

large desktop computer CPU case

Kristopher Smith’s Server

Lee Macklin in a white lab coat

Lee Macklin

two people hold a pencil over a piece of paper between them

Natalie Klistoff (left)

Ngoc Tran (in blue top) with her sister and cousin at Venice Beach

Ngoc Tran (in blue top) with her sister and cousin at Venice Beach

Raymond Poon shows his abstract drawing

Raymond Poon, automatic drawing

Regino Carino hugging a large Charmander plush toy

Regine Carino

Ryan Webster at Long Beach Museum of Art

Ryan Webster at Long Beach Museum of Art

Sherri Mae Bersabe at the Venice Beach Artwalls

Sherri Mae Bersabe at the Venice Beach Artwalls

Tina Wisborn trying Automatic Drawing with her mom, in Stockholm.

Tina Wisborn trying Automatic Drawing with her mom, in Stockholm.

Zeeshan Dadabhoy playing a perspective game in Washington DC, "holding" the Washington Monument in his hands.

Zeeshan Dadabhoy