Spring ’15 Roster

Roster for CSULB, School of Art, Art 110, Section 1, Introduction to the Visual Arts. Spring Semester, 2015.

collage of Art110 Summer 2014 Counterfactual Identity images

Spring ’15 Syllabus

Syllabus for CSULB, School of Art, Art 110, Introduction to the Visual Arts, Spring Term 2015. Instructor: Glenn Zucman.

Recent News


photo of Merry Death from the neck down and holding a book in front of her

Merry Death launched her website “Merry” today. She wants to give me a bottle of wine in thanks for helping. I want her to create a community.

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Wk13 – Easy Street!

photo of Evan Huang at a table with cameras and lenses in front of him

Some nice teaching activities last week. This week’s activity? It’s true, we’re done! Now it’s just 2 conversations / posts a week: an Artist and a Classmate. Also signups for ePortfolio presentations today.

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Wk12: Teach One

Connor Bailey & Dominic Erich walking down a trail

Lots of wonderful “Your Turn” activities from peeps last week. This week it’s on to our final Activity, “Teach One.” Also news about new, easier gallery tags, and Corinne & Jack’s awesome dance project!

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Wk11: Your Turn!

Marie Mendez imagines her demise while riding a bicycle and being hit by a fast moving truck

We’ve recovered from our tragic ends last week, and now it’s on to “Your Turn” the special art activity we design for ourselves.

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Wk10: Photography

Beyonce and Jay Z in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

Beautiful vlogs last week everyone! This week we return to photography with our “Lanscapes with a Corpse” activity.

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Hybrid Teaching Incentive Program Proposal

students in conversation

I’ve submitted a proposal to create a “Hybrid” version of Art 110: Introduction to the Visual Arts. The University will be selecting 5 courses to be developed in the next couple of months and offered in Spring 2015.

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Week 9: Video

screencap of Breanne Lee's website

We made some beautiful ePortfolios last week, and now this week we’ll add “Welcome to my Website” vlogs to our “About Me” pages. Meanwhile, we need to be sure to use the ARTIST TAG on our conversation posts!

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Wk8: ePortfolio

5 college women, 3 in big, dark sunglasses, stand on the beach at Venice Beach, CA and take a summer selfie

Art110 had lots of fun painting last week from backyards to Venice Beach. This week we’re on to creating the ePortfolios that we hope will land us the big job interview or help us gain access to other great things.

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Wk7: Painting

Stephen Boyer wearing headphones and Ian Daniel Raymond holding a camera.

A lot of drawing fun and inspiration was had with the French Girls app last week. This week we’re off to Venice Beach (or any legal location) to try some Graffiti Writing. Meanwhile Nicole Illagen, Quynh Ong & Stephen Boyer are filming stuff!

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Wk6: Drawing

Drawing Week It’s drawing week in Art110! Full details on the Drawing Activity Page! Points All points are now up to date on BeachBoard. We’ve had 290 points so far, and here’s the numbers you should have to be on track for an “A”, “B”, etc: A – 261 points – 97 peeps B – […]

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Galleries at The Beach

Photo of Glenn Zucman's "Zen Entropy Garden" (a large "zen garden" / sandbox with half white sand, and half black sand, and rakes that let visitors create their own zen garden configurations as they also mix the sand into an entropic grey) installed in the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard

The 5 CSULB School of Art student art galleries represent a an extraordinary resource. The Galleries offer a unique opportunity for student artists to exhibit and also for students across the CSULB campus to experience 60 different shows and talk with 60 different artists all in a single semester!

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Wk5: Identity Art

CSULB, School of Art, Art110 Students at the Seal Beach Pier working on their Plaster Casting Projects

A lot of fun at SoCal beaches working on our Sculpture Activities last week. This week we explore Identity Art and give living a “Counterfactual Identity” a try.

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Art110 Projects

The words "Couch Potato" in puffy lettering on a black background

We’ve looked at Arts Funding from Lorenzo de’ Medici to the NEA 4 and beyond. And a few students have launched their own crowdfunded projects. Please consider becoming a backer!

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Wk4: Sculpture Experience

photos of CSULB students

Lots of fantastic Kickstarter pitch videos last week – congratulations everyone! This week it’s off to the beach for our Sculpture Experience in plaster casting.

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Wk 3: Arts Funding

Art110 students sitting on a large stone in the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard. Long Beach, California.

A lot of fun was had last week on Instagram Day. We learned about our similarities and differences. This week we’re thinking about Arts Funding and trying out Kickstarter, a new (2009) way to fund our “fun” projects.

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Wk 2: Relational Aesthetics

screen cap of Evan Huang's home page

Great job hitting the ground running everyone! Here’s a few of your nice websites from last week, some notes about being careful with the art in the galleries, and the info on this week’s Instagram Activity.

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Wk 1: Web Design

a college age man and woman work at a laptop in an open air environment

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Academic Year at Long Beach State University, and Welcome to Art110. Here’s a little info on Designing your website and our Week 1 Activities.

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Happy Trails!

Selfie by Art110 Summer 2014 #1 Student Albert Le, with Raquel.

We’ve come to the end of our 12-week summer Art110! I’ve tallied your Up & Down votes for our activities and worked on some ideas for a better course. You’ll never guess who wound up being the #1 student this summer. And finally a farewell message. It’s been a great summer. Thank you all for […]

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Wk 12: Teach One!


Did you think your summer would never end? Here we are: Week 12! Time to wrap up this chapter in the novel of your life. To help us do it we have special guests: The Art of Our Time, Andy Warhol, and your chance to “teach one” art activity or idea to others.

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Online Discussion Groups

montage of "read" posters

Based on student feedback, video discussion groups are out. Text chat is possible, but commenting on each other’s blogs seems like an even more natural, valuable, and asynchronous way to go.

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Fall 14 Roster


Roster for CSULB, School of Art, Art 110, Section 2, Introduction to the Visual Arts. Fall Semester, 2014.

Fall 14 Syllabus

collage of Art110 Summer 2014 Counterfactual Identity images

Syllabus for CSULB, School of Art, Art 110, Introduction to the Visual Arts, Fall Term 2014. Instructor: Glenn Zucman

Fall 14 Materials


Materials List for CSULB, School of Art, Art 110, Section 2, Introduction to the Visual Arts. Fall Term, 2014.

Fall 14 Galleries

Artist Courtney Heiser stands in the Gatov Gallery at the CSULB School of Art and discusses her work with students visiting the gallery.

Schedule & Overview of CSULB School of Art, Student Art Gallery Exhibitions, Fall 2014. Links to Art110 posts about the […]

Hall of Fame

#1 Art 110 students Fall ’05 – Spring ’14. Art 110: Introduction to the Visual Arts, California State University, Long […]

Ask a Question

Four college students stand on the sea shore near the Seal Beach Pier in Southern California

Help & Question page for Art 110: Introduction to the Visual Arts, California State University, Long Beach, School of Art.