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Photo of Stephanie Mejia, Diana Martinez, Anna Joy Floresca, C-Dawg & Allison Wendell riding in a car on their way to a Graffiti Writing Activity at the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls

Stephanie Mejia, Diana Martinez, Anna Joy Floresca, C-Dawg & Allison Wendell, “The Homies,” on their way to the Veince Beach Legal Art Walls, Art110, Fall ’14 Photo: Diana Martinez

Once you make your website, leave Your Name and Your URL as a comment on this page. I’ll add you to the roster. After that, you don’t have to “turn in” your 3 weekly blog posts, you just post them and I’ll go find them each week.

  1. Abigail Giron
  2. Adrian Caluya
  3. Aida Gonzalez
  4. Aidan Dick
  5. Aiyat Abdelhady
  6. Albert Haddad
  7. Alexandra Mendoza
  8. Alicia Jones
  9. Alissabeth Swisher
  10. Anahi Ramirez
  11. Andrea Casamitjana
  12. Angel Meza Contreras
  13. Anthony Simeone
  14. Armando De La Mora, Jr.
  15. Aron Chek
  16. Brianna Lopez
  17. Brianna Ortiz
  18. Bryan Hernandez
  19. Calvin Nguyen
  20. Cameren Johnson
  21. Cameron Cripe
  22. Carolina De la Torre
  23. Cesar Torres
  24. Chris Chang
  25. Chris Schumaier
  26. Courtney Sakuma
  27. Daniel Guerrero
  28. Devin Nelson
  29. Diana Nguyen
  30. Diana Solis
  31. Donna Tang
  32. Edgar Navarro
  33. Edwyn Reyes
  34. Elizabeth Ochoa
  35. Emily Quinonez
  36. Emily Snyder
  37. Erick Andrez
  38. Erika Cobarrubias
  39. Estrella “Star” Meza
  40. Eva Drexler
  41. Filimon Soltero
  42. Forest Nutter
  43. Franklin Chhay
  44. Genesis Jacobo
  45. George Estephan
  46. Geraldine Meono
  47. Gillian English
  48. Grace Kim
  49. Ha Young “Jenna” Lee
  50. Huy Le
  51. Inessa Lopez
  52. Jack Nguyen
  53. Jackie Bautista
  54. Jaclyn “Jackiee” Fernandes
  55. Jacob Kim
  56. Jacquelyn “Jackie” Tester
  57. Jasmine Acosta
  58. Jasmynn Nguyen
  59. Jeanine Pham
  60. Jennifer “Christa” Hernandez
  61. Jennifer Palacios
  62. Jennifer Ramirez
  63. Jennifer “Jen Rod” Rodriguez
  64. Jonathan Juarez
  65. Jonathan Pua
  66. Judy Phan
  67. Julia “Juju” or “Jules” but not “Julie” Clouse
  68. Julia Hodgdon
  69. Kahlia Cadle
  70. Kayla Wiese-Sanchez
  71. Kelvin Japco
  72. Kim Pham
  73. Kirlous Tadros
  74. Kristal Torres
  75. Kristine Dueno
  76. Kristine Nguyen
  77. Leslie Jovel
  78. Leslie Lopez
  79. Luis Rangel
  80. Madeline “MadsMariees” Perez
  81. Maria Leon
  82. Marisol Gonzalez
  83. Mark Flores
  84. Matthew Carder
  85. Meghan Arce
  86. Miguel Lopez
  87. Mikel Soco
  88. Millie Herrera
  89. Milton Coreas
  90. Natalia Chang
  91. Natalie Mai
  92. Natalie Marquez
  93. Nele Barber
  94. Nestor Plascencia
  95. Nicholas Cedeno
  96. Nicholas Ramirez
  97. Noah Heese
  98. Perla Aguayo
  99. Rachel Garcia
  100. Raquel “Calexico” Salazar
  101. Rosanna Ramirez
  102. Rosario Fino
  103. Roxana Talavera
  104. Ryan Bravo
  105. Samantha McFeely
  106. San Yoon
  107. Serina Khoury
  108. Shannelle Cruz
  109. Shiva Nadjm
  110. Socheatey Yim
  111. Soyeoun Won
  112. Stefany Rodriguez
  113. Stephanie Chang
  114. Steven Argueta
  115. Steven Gonzalez
  116. Steven Shih-Hsien Yang
  117. SuHyun “Cindy” Kim
  118. Tabita Astorga
  119. Thomas “Tommy” Lyons
  120. Thomas Santillan
  121. Toni Abad
  122. Tony Nguyen
  123. Tyler Nakashima
  124. Vanessa Marquez Guerrero
  125. Velen Garcia
  126. Yeji Yang
  127. Zeida Gonzalez

126 / 27 / 127

CSULB student on the beach at the Seal Beach Pier showing the plaster casting of her hand that she's just made.

Ngoc Tran, Seal Beach Pier, Summer ’15

Written by Glenn Zucman

BA, Psychology, University of Hawaii, MFA, Intermedia Art, Long Beach State. Host of American Public Media's "Border Patrol." Host of KBeach Radio's "Strange Angels." Interested in Identity Art that explores our Oracle-at-Delphi-like straddling of corporeal and virtual realms in our new media century. Civil rights in online space. 10 years...
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Hello professor, I made a new website because something was going on with the first one that I made. I hope that is not an issue. Here is my new URL:
My name is Stefany Rodriguez. Thanks professor.

Glenn Zucman

Hi Guys!! Thanks for all the URLs!! Everyone up through here is on the roster! But be sure to scroll up and check it — a few of you didn’t include a URL or didn’t include your last name.


Glenn Zucman

Great Toni, Tabita, Ali, Socheatey, Chris & Adrian – you’re on the roster!!

How was the 1st week for you guys?

Everyone else – be sure to scroll up, look for your name, click on it, and make sure the link works. If anything needs correcting, just leave another comment below.

Thanks guys! Have a nice weekend! Keep cool if you can!!

Glenn Zucman

Hey Noah, great to finally have your website!!

But I don’t see any work posted there yet. It’s now week 7 and the class is nearly 1/2 over. Do you need help with anything??


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