It is Insgagram day in Art 110. For the 24 hours of Thursday Sept 19 our 162-student community is snapping pix of whatever is going on in their life and hashtagging them art110f13life. Over the weekend we will each review our group day and Tout about the experience and our response to it. Below is a live feed of the latest image posts. This image is of a student snapping a selfie while brushing her teeth


Written by Glenn Zucman

BA, Psychology, University of Hawaii, MFA, Intermedia Art, Long Beach State. Host of American Public Media's "Border Patrol." Host of KBeach Radio's "Strange Angels." Interested in Identity Art that explores our Oracle-at-Delphi-like straddling of corporeal and virtual realms in our new media century. Civil rights in online space. 10 years...
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