Adilene Leon imagine her demise from a drug overdose

Wk 2 Beachin’ It!

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Go Beach!

This is the week we get to go to the beach and make Plaster Casts of our hands or feet. A few of you might hate the beach (and you can do it at home if you use a bucket full of sand) but for most of you, going to the beach is one of the better things in life. Actually that’s why I created this Activity! It occurred to me one day that we go to a school called The Beach but we never actually go to the beach! 😛 I used to host an arts interview show on our campus radio station KBeach, and former CSULB President Robert Maxson told me that someone once told him that we were the only university in America with the word “Beach” in it’s name, and that was what inspired him to coin our famous phrase, Go Beach! Anyway, this week you get to go to the beach for class credit!


I guess it’s a bit ironic that last week so many of you depicted yourselves falling down stairs… and unfortunately, my mom did it for real on Sunday. Well, not “stairs”, just one big step.

Mom goes to St. Thomas Aquinas church in Monterey Park. During Mass on Sunday the pastor put a map on the altar and asked everyone to put a pin in the map for where they were born. My mom was born in the small town of Lamar, Colorado. She was sort of pleased that she was the first person to put a pin in the state of Colorado. Then walking back from the altar she didn’t realize there was a step down – if you’ve ever walked off a curb but didn’t realize it was a curb and your foot crashed down to the street 9 or so inches below – you know this is kind of jarring. In my mom’s case she fell hard and wound up breaking her hip and shoulder.

Some of you commented that the hardest part of the photo was not laughing, and as you can imagine, my mom’s experience was kind of the opposite of that. 5 hours in one hospital that her insurance didn’t cover, then moved to another hospital, then just a lot of pain and waiting. In the end, from her fall at 8am on Sunday to when the orthopedic surgeon finally came to see her at 1pm on Monday was 29 hours. I broke both my elbows once, and I can tell you, it was the longest day of my life. So much pain. So much waiting. Just sitting in a bed in pain forever. Sadly, my mom’s breaks were even worse.


If you haven’t figured it out by now, in addition to sharing a sad and ironic story with you, this is actually an overglorified “I didn’t do my homework” note. My hope is to try to grade all your work every Monday so you can see points on BeachBoard by classtime on Tuesday. There are usually a couple of weeks during the semester where that isn’t possible and you have to wait a bit longer. But most weeks you’ll have points on Tuesday. And I’ve never missed the 1st week before. I guess sometimes life happens. Ironically, even.

Good News

On the bright side, 128 out of 128 of you actually got on the roster in Week 1! I don’t think we’ve ever had 100% before! Even though you have to wait a bit longer for your points, you guys really rocked it this week – Awesome, Thank You, and Congratulations!

Cool Videos

On Thursday I showed this video at the beginning of class:

Morgan Moore liked it enough to email me and suggest that it might also be cool to show this video at the beginning of class sometime:

Discussion Groups

Week 2
26-31 Jan

  • Discussion: Mass: Mona Hatoum & Anish Kapoor
  • Art Experience: Sculpture: Plaster Casting

Tuesday Discussion Groups

Group 1

  1. Aaron Dela Rosa
  2. Aaron Satterfield
  3. Aaron Valenzuela
  4. Adilene Leon
  5. Alanna Godinez
  6. Alexander Lucero

Group 2

  1. Alfonso Madrigal
  2. Alyssa Castro
  3. Amber Bolden
  4. Andrew Andrade
  5. Annie Ronning
  6. Anthony Estalilla

Group 3

  1. Anthony Sanchez
  2. Ashley Batres
  3. Bez Middleton
  4. Bianca Dominguez
  5. Brandon Nhem
  6. Brianna “Breezy” Hastie

Group 4

  1. Carlos Cucufate
  2. Carlos Marvin Madrigal
  3. Carlos Nava
  4. Cassandra Topete
  5. Catherine Chin
  6. Charles Watson

Group 5

  1. Cheryl Peng
  2. Christian Aguirre
  3. Christine Kim
  4. Christopher “Morgan” Moore
  5. Christopher Chadwick
  6. Christopher Williams

Group 6

  1. Ciprian Robielos
  2. Colleen Siongco
  3. Crysta Tim
  4. Cynthia L. Esquivias
  5. Daniel J. Bursch
  6. Daniel Mendoza

Group 7

  1. Daniella Galindo
  2. Danielle Garcia
  3. David Brown
  4. Destiny Farihi
  5. Devon Carus
  6. Dominique Gomez

Group 8

  1. Dorothyrose McMahon
  2. Eduardo (Eddie) Castillo
  3. Eli Yee
  4. Elidia Ramirez
  5. Elizabeth Moledo
  6. Enrique Plascencia

Group 9

  1. Enrique Vega
  2. Erick Diaz
  3. Florenz Baltazar
  4. Francesca Butler
  5. Francisco Miranda
  6. Gabriela Hernandez

Group 10

  1. Gina Householder
  2. Glenda Castillo
  3. Greg Plantenga
  4. Haley Anderson
  5. Hannah Mandias
  6. Helen Lee

Group 11

  1. Hilario Saucedo
  2. Hunter Mervosh
  3. Jamie Filosa
  4. Jayson Fields
  5. Jazlyn Tabar
  6. Jennifer Garcia

Group 12

  1. Jennifer Lee
  2. Jerry Pleitez
  3. Jessica Addonizio
  4. Jesus Viramontes
  5. Jhonatan Ramos
  6. Jing Huan Ooi

Group 13

  1. John Stouras
  2. Jonathan Behzadian
  3. Joshua Hyun
  4. Julio Garcia
  5. Justin Marquez
  6. Katherine Pantoja

Group 14

  1. Katherine Shinno
  2. Kimberly Gutierrez
  3. Kordell Tan
  4. Kyle Shishido
  5. Kyu Lee
  6. Lainie Le

Group 15

  1. Leah Perez
  2. Leon A Phung
  3. Leslie Echiveste
  4. Lorena Rubalcava
  5. Madison Braverman
  6. Maison Chiu

Group 16

  1. Margarita Reyna
  2. Maria Barreda
  3. Marlon Fernandes
  4. Martin Diaz
  5. Marylin Try
  6. Megan Stevens

Group 17

  1. Meng Chu
  2. Mia Miller
  3. Molly Poyer
  4. Nancy Tran
  5. Natalie Guevara
  6. Ngozi Ekwedike

Group 18

  1. Nicole Chovit
  2. Oscar Alvarez
  3. Patrick Dong
  4. Peter Bay
  5. Ramtin Yousefi
  6. RaVen Montgomery

Group 19

  1. Rebekah Johnson
  2. Regan Kate Cameron
  3. Regan Shaver
  4. Rejina Hernandez
  5. Reuben Dyce
  6. Rosa Velazquez

Group 20

  1. Sam Tan
  2. Shannon McGuinness
  3. Shayenne Prasad
  4. Steven Costanti
  5. Symone Pallett
  6. Tareena Woods
  7. Tiffany Tran

Group 21

  1. Tiffany Van Gilder
  2. Tyler Kedis
  3. Valentina Ramirez
  4. Valerie Laslo
  5. Vanessa Betancourt
  6. William Luna
  7. Xiomara Brenes