1. Website & URL


We’re making Websites or ePortfolios on WordPress powers 20% of all sites on the web these days. It started as blogging software, and while it’s still great at that, it’s become a “CMS” or Content Management System. It’s a handy place to turn in your Art110 activities, but more importantly it can become Your Website! It can be a great platform to present yourself to the world. Your website on is free forever and your own domain name will cost about $18.

When you sign up you’ll get a URL like – we will not be using those URL’s. I’m asking you to buy your own Domain Name, like It’s your website and your choice what URL you buy. But as a professional site for your career, something like will probably serve you better than something like

2. Plaster


You need some things that you can probably scrounge up somewhere:
• Bucket
• Shovel
• Stir Stick
And you’ll get some
1. Plaster of Paris – a 4# box for yourself is about $7 or you could get a 25# bag to share between 4 or 5 or even 6 people for about $16

3. Spray Paint


You’ll need at least 2 colors of paint, but just buy 1 can and share colors with a classmate. Any spray paint is ok. Montana Gold is really great!

4. Other Materials

Whatever materials you might need to realize your vision on various projects including P11 & P12.

Written by Glenn Zucman

BA, Psychology, University of Hawaii, MFA, Intermedia Art, Long Beach State. Host of American Public Media's "Border Patrol." Host of KBeach Radio's "Strange Angels." Interested in Identity Art that explores our Oracle-at-Delphi-like straddling of corporeal and virtual realms in our new media century. Civil rights in online space. 10 years...
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