Syllabus Art 490 – Spring 2018

Syllabus for CSULB School of Art, Art 490, Special Topics in Studio Art: ePortfolios for Artists, Spring Semester 2018, Instructor: Glenn Zucman. Teaching Assistant: Julie Pavlacka. Graduate Assistant: Andrea Guerrero.

Art 490: ePortfolios 4 Artists

Art 490 sections 1 & 2ePortfolios 4 Artists – Spring 2018

Course in designing, critiquing, and maintaining an Artist’s ePortfolio (website). Students will explore a range of platform, aesthetic, and content options. Students will learn online & documentation tools, develop & refine their websites, and interact with classmate websites.

  • Semester: Spring 2018
  • Hybrid Course: Section 1: Mondays 12:00 – 12:45 + Online
  • Hybrid Course: Section 2: Wednesdays 12:00 – 12:45 + Online
  • Room: The schedule lists FA4-311, however we will meet in FA4-108A
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Units: 1
  • Work Estimate: 3 hours / week (1 F2F + 2 OL)
  • 1st Day of Class: 22 January’18
  • Last Day of Class: 11 May ’18
  • Instructor: Glenn Zucman, Office: FO5-234, email:
  • Teaching Assistant: Julie Pavlacka
  • Graduate Assistant: Andrea Guerrero
  • Office Hours: MW 1-2 pm @USU Tables just outside Coffee Bean / Robeks, or by appointment
  • Virtual OH: 24/7 on Slack
  • Join Slack Team


  • Final: Section 1: Friday 18 May ’18, 12:30PM – 2:30PM
  • Final: Section 2: Wednesday 16 May ’18, 12:30PM – 2:30PM
  • CSULB Finals Schedule

The Final
Last semester we learned that because of our unique 12 pm start time one section had a lot of conflicts with your other class’ finals! Please use the link above today to check the final times for all your classes and shout on Slack if you do or do not have a final’s time conflict.

My guess is that, if it’s like last semester, nobody in the Monday section will have a final’s time conflict, but many in the Wednesday section will have a conflict. If so, I’d like to have a joint M & W final at the Monday final time of Friday 18 May 2018 from 12:30 – 2:30. Since both classes won’t fit in FA4-108A, we will go up to FA4-311 for the joint final.



  • None


The purpose of this course is to design & implement your own ePortfolio. To learn skills and methods that will allow the artist to maintain a current, and contemporary presence online.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Create their own ePortfolio
  • Easily & Quickly Update the content of their ePortfolio
  • Change the aesthetics of their ePortfolio presentation
  • Discuss the aesthetics of many different Artist’s ePortfolios
  • Prepare Images & Videos for their ePortfolio
  • Create an online CV (curriculum vitae) or Resume
  • Create an online Artist’s Statement
  • Exchange links with other aritsts

Format of the Course

  • Hybrid course: F2F + Online.

On Monday (section 1) or Wednesday (section 2) of each week students will meet F2F to critique each other’s work, discuss new activities, and to learn new techniques. Most of the artist’s website production will be done online outside of our 1 weekly F2F hour. The class Slack team will be a central discussion space between students and with the instructor. The class website will provide information on many ePortfolio parameters.



  • Public Parts by Jeff Jarvis. Available in CSULB Main Bookstore.

Required Materials

  1. Laptop/Desktop (can use Horn Center or Spidel Center)
  2. Phone (camera)
  3. Selfie Stick
  4. roll of duct tape
  5. ladder, chair, etc
  6. Package of 4×6″ index cards
  7. Cloud Storage (free version)
  8. Web Platform: WordPress, Wix, or anything else you prefer

Optional/Future Materials Upgrades

  1. 2 lights: nice ($$$) or cheap Home Depot ~$19 each
  2. DSLR or Mirrorless Camera instead of Phone Camera
  3. Tripod instead of Selfie Stick
  4. 3-Axis Cell Phone Gimbal instead of Tripod
  5. Domain Name/URL ~$20
  6. Premium Web Platform $100/year +/- (ad free, custom domain, etc)
  7. Web Server (for self-hosted projects like Adobe Muse)
  8. Cloud Storage (larger, paid version)
  9. Adobe Creative Cloud: Student: $19/month, Non-Student: $49/month

Online Resources

In addition to whatever Hosting and Cloud Storage platforms you choose, this class will use these online resources:

  1. This website:
  2. Our Slack discussion team:
  3. The Internet itself: we will view each other’s websites, many other artists websites, and various other resources online.


Technical Competence Required

You should have the ability to use a phone and a laptop. The ability to view websites, to navigate to different locations online, to download and install software on your devices.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Any smart phone and laptop made in the last few years should be sufficient. You can also use the computers in the Spidell Center or the Horn Center.

Minimum Software Requirements

  1. A modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etcetera
  2. Support software, like Photoshop, and perhaps a text editor like Brackets, Notepad++, or Sublime Text.


I hope you become obsessed with building a great ePrtfolio. But don’t forget the other people in your life, the need for fresh air and exercise, etcetera. If you’ve been staring at a screen for 20 minutes, it’s a good idea to look at something further away for a minute.

Grading & Attendance


  • Final Website: 400 points
  • Public Parts discussion on Slack: 13 chapters x 16 points = 208
  • Weekly Activities: 8 activities x 25 points = 200
  • F2F Participation / Critique: 100 points
  • Slack Participation / Critique: 100 points
  • Total Points Possible: 1,008


  • 900 points = “A”
  • 800 points = “B”
  • 700 points = “C”
  • 600 points = “D”
  • 599 & below = “F”


Attendance at the F2F Monday or Wednesday meeting is required. Each week (after Week 1) please draw your CSULB Student ID Card on a 4×6 index card and turn it in at class. Please be sure to use a 4×6 index card, not a 3×5 index card, and not a 4×6 piece of paper.

By “draw your ID card” I mean draw whatever you want that has your name printed clearly on it. You can draw your actual CSULB ID card, or anything else. Have fun!

  • 3 missed classes: final grade lowered by 1 letter
  • 5 missed classes: final grade lowered by 2 letters
  • 7 missed classes: final grade = “F”

Cheating & Plagiarism

I don’t know how you can “cheat” in designing your own web portfolio! But it’d be really dumb. This class is all about helping you present your work to your audience(s). The more time & effort you put in, the better your work will be presented. And, hopefully, you’ll have a better life!

General Policies & Regulations

Other Details

Your Preferred Name

The University now allows you to set your “preferred” name. So if the name on your birth certificate is “Andrew,” but you go by “Drew”, now the university can refer to you as Drew. This makes it easier for me to find you on the roster, and better for your classmates who can refer to you by the name you choose.

  • Please set your University “Preferred Name” to be the same name that you’d like to use on our Roster, Email, Your Website, etc.
  • You can set your name on MyCSULB. Here’s How!

The right to be forgotten

Many weeks I will feature your website or your work in my weekly blog post. I will never show your work and say this is what not to do. I will only show your work and say Look at what a beautiful job Maddy did last week. I hope you feel good about this. But even if you do, it’s possible that you don’t want your photo or name on this website. If I ever post a photo of you, or your work, or list your name, or a link to your website, and you’d rather not have that here, just LMK. You can ask me to take something down today, tomorrow, next week, next year, or next decade. You never have to give me a reason. You only have to give me the URL where the item you’d like taken down is. It’s always up to you.

Be Kind

Remember that you are posting to the live web. You’ve surfed the web, right? So you know that every day you’ll find the most sublime acts of kindness and generosity right next to crazy, unwarranted rage. The good news about your website is that it’s yours. You always have the ability to modify or delete content as you see fit. But remember also that when you write about other artists you are publicly posting about a real person. You can be honest. But you can also be kind. If the golden rule is do unto others as you would have them do unto you, then perhaps the golden rule of blogging should be blog about others as you would have them blog about you.


The School of Art grants “incompletes” rarely and only for the most extreme conditions.

Withdrawal Deadlines


CSULB will make reasonable accommodations for any student who has different needs. It is the student’s responsibility to notify me in advance of the need for special accommodations.

Basic Needs

Any student who is facing academic or personal challenges due to difficulty in affording groceries/food and/or lacking a safe and stable living environment is urged to contact the CSULB Student Emergency Intervention & Wellness Program. The website outlining the resources available is Students can also e-mail or call 562/985.2038. You can also reach out to me if I can help identify additional resources.

Have a great class!

Let’s have fun this semester. Launch your website the 1st week! Have a great website by the end. Critique each other’s work. Share links to other artists. Build a great presence in cyberspace!

photo of a car with a sticker that reads "Art Work IS Work - supporting the arts means paying the artists
Image: Scott Beale

Reference: CSULB Curriculum Handbook, Section 4: Courses & Curricula > Course Syllabi & Standard Course Outlines