Wk 10: Designing a Flag

Let's design a new flag for the City of Los Angeles!

Flags, Flags, Flags!

As you know, countries, like the United States, or Vietnam, or South Korea, have flags. As we learned earlier this summer, occasionally someone burns a flag. But a thousand times more often, people proudly fly them in front of their homes and offices. States, like California, or Texas, or Florida, have flags too.

But did you know that cities also have flags? They really love their flag in Chicago, but here in Los Angeles where the flag is approaching 100 years old, there isn't a lot of love or recognition for the flag.

Our mission this week is to design a new flag for Los Angeles.


Your Mission

Design a new flag for the City of Los Angeles.


Use any media you like:

  • Traditional media, like pencils, markers, or paints
  • Digital media like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape (free), or your favorite paint program
  • Actual Fabric - you could actually make a flag!
  • or any other media you can think of

Blog Post

  • In your post show images of your new flag design. Show flag design in progress, if appropriate.
  • Discuss the symbolism of your flag and what you were trying to accomplish
  • Compare and contrast your new design to the existing Los Angeles flag

Flag of the City of Los Angeles Flag of the City of Los Angeles