Laura Kaiser

University of California, Los Angeles
Graduate Division, Admissions

Admissions Committee,

It’s my real pleasure to recommend Laura Kaiser for your program. I’ve known Laura since January 2011. When she first took my Introduction to the Visual Arts course she was one of the most motivated and visionary students in that or any semester. She distinguished herself enough as a student that she returned as a TA for the next two semesters. As a TA Laura extended her own knowledge, spent many hours helping students in their projects, and helped foster the strongest TA community I’ve seen in the 8-1/2 years I’ve been teaching at this university. While her assistance to students was very helpful to them and to me, perhaps it was her enthusiasm and sensitivity in helping creating the TA community that was most like the collaborative activities in motion picture and television production. Laura took work that in many other semesters has been only work and transformed it into a community of joy, celebration, and a whole lot of productivity.

Since then Laura’s continued to impress me with her hard work and vision. She’s somehow balanced producing her own work with interning with a VP at The Weinstein Company and a Secretary-level position in the CSULB Associated Students Inc. government. As the Secretary for LGBTIQ Affairs she’s facilitated outreach and engagement through many diverse projects. Perhaps I’m most familiar with her creation of a series of “Gender Neutral Restrooms” across the campus because one of them is next to my office. Nonetheless, this project is an excellent example of Laura’s drive and commitment. Creating these facilities was an important and empowering act that makes the university a better place for everyone. But it was also a year-long deep dive into many levels of bureaucracy across the university campus. Laura stuck with her vision and today we have facilities that both by the affordances the make, and the awareness they create, help to build a better, more inclusive university community every day.

I’ve known Laura best from her activities in my Introduction to the Visual Arts course and her work as the Secretary for LGBTIQ Affairs, but I’ve also been impressed by her deep love of communication, of storytelling, and of motion picture production. She always amazes me with the inspired list of directors, cinematographers, and other that she’s eager to give detailed analysis of the work of.

I believe that Laura Kaiser is well prepared to engage in and truly benefit from graduate study at UCLA. I’m convinced that she is very much UCLA quality. I further believe that even in such a high-achieving program she will distinguish herself and bring praise back to the university both during and after her time there. Laura Kaiser has my highest recommendation.

Please contact me if I can provide any further information on her application.

Glenn Zucman
School of Art
Long Beach State

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