Julia Hodgdon

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
College of Health & Human Services
California State University,Long Beach

Re: Julia Hodgdon

It is my real pleasure to recommend Julia Hodgdon for your program. Julia took Art110 from me in Fall 2015 and in a large class of 128 she truly distinguished herself with the sensitivity and excellence of her work.

Large lecture classes can be impersonal experiences and students often don’t interact a lot. Julia always took the time to interact with, and learn about, her classmates and and with me. Her work was always excellent and she finished the course with a nearly perfect score.

I love teaching and I completely believe in General Education, I’m convinced it is the foundation of our culture. Nonetheless, teaching thousands of freshmen, non-major students can be draining. It can be frustrating to keep pouring your passion out to an ocean of students with limited engagement. It is the rare gem like Julia that makes my job worth doing. Without students like Julia I wouldn’t still be doing and loving this work 11 years later.

Julia has my highest recommendation. I think she will be completely able to participate in the full range of your program. I am confident you will be well represented by her.

Please contact me for any further questions about Julia Hodgdon’s qualifications.

Glenn Zucman
School of Art
California State University, Long Beach