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Your Turn!

All semester I’ve been picking the art Activity of the week. Now it’s your turn. Try something we haven’t tried!

  • Fiber Art!
  • Video!
  • Performance Art!
  • Installation!
  • Anything you want.

I’m totally available for bouncing ideas off if you like, however you do not need pre-approval. You can just decide, do, and document on your website.

  • Bounce ideas off Glenn (optional)
  • Bounce ideas off each other (optional)
  • You can work Solo, or in Groups, as you like
  • Document on your website with pix or vids
  • Analyze on your website with text (or video narration) describing your goals, how your experience turned out, and what this work means to you.

Just make sure it’s an ART activity! Art is definitely wide and flexible, but you should think in an art context and try to explore some sort of art medium. Ask me if you have any questions! 🙂

photo of denim cutoffs with a USA flag pattern and a "Made in China" label
photo from Geri Weckstein’s “Made Anywhere But Here” project, Sp ’14

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