Fall ‘17 wk 13 - Make a Link

Fall ‘17 wk 13 - Make a Link

Here's our schedule & activities for the last 2 weeks of Artists' ePortfolio class and for our final. We've got a full slate of portfolios to look at the last days of class. Nonetheless, I'd like to push all the scheduled presentations back by 1 week. This will push some presentations into The Final, which is fine. I'd like to push them back so we can use Week 13 as Links Week.

Links Week

As you know, I've been pushing everyone to connect to each other via Instagram, LinkedIn, and any Art Social Networks you use, like Behance, Portfolium, ArtStation, Dribble, Flickr, 500px, etc.

Your Links Page!

Another thing that I haven't really talked about, but is also a great idea, is to have a Links Page on your website. There's nothing that Google (Bing, Yahoo, etc) loves more than links going to and from your website. A site might have great content, but if there's no in or out connectivity, Google won't be very interested.

If you make a page linking to your Art 490 classmates you can help each other with web presence. It can also be one more way to present your art network. It's nice to be able to show that you're not just a hermit with skills, but that you can work with others and that you are an informed, engaged part of contemporary art practice.

In our web portfolio critiques we've tried to keep menu bars brief and efficient. That's a great idea. Your links page doesn't have to take up precious space on the main menu. It can be an item that links off someplace like your About page.

So, I'd like to use our class time in Week 13 for Links Week. Please do bring Laptops, Tablets & Phones so you can connect to each other via Links Pages, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other Art Social Networks.

I know some of you may have privacy concerns. And some of you have private Instagrams. All of the links, testimonials, etc, are up to you. I'm not here to force anyone to do anything. However, I am here to encourage you to make as much of your work, access to it, and interaction with other artists as you're comfortable with, public! I do believe that most people are better served by being more public.

Week 13

Monday 27 Nov

Links Week!

Wednesday 29 Nov

Links Week!

Week 14

Monday 4 Dec

  1. Christine
  2. Diana
  3. Sarah N.

Wednesday 6 Dec

  1. Amber
  2. Jiwon
  3. Julie

Week 15 / Finals Week

Monday 11 Dec

  1. Erin
  2. Ivan
  3. Simon

Wednesday 13 Dec (Wed Final)

  1. Arlene
  2. Kevin
  3. Emily

Friday 15 Dec (Mon Final)

  1. Sarah W.
  2. _
  3. _

People I need to hear from: Emily M., Hisham (Monday) Paul (Wednesday)

The Final

We discussed The Final in the Wednesday class. We didn't have a chance to discuss it in the Monday class yet. Unless there are any objections, I'll presume that what the Wednesday class decided on will also be good for the Monday final.

For the final we'll combine a Potluck Party with a Casual Critique. I'll invite some faculty from the School of Art to join us. It will be nice to have faculty outside our class come see what we've been working on and to get their fresh take on some of our websites. They'll probably bring some additional insights to the ideas we've been exploring in our critiques.

At The Final we'll look at the 3 websites we haven't looked at yet. And we can also look at some of your other websites for more feedback and discussion.

Present from your MacBook

BTW, you can present your website from my MacBook as we've been doing. But for any of you that happen to have MacBooks, you can also present from your own laptop, just by clicking on to the AppleTV that I project from. It's easy! I can show you in class. :)

Final Self-evaluation Essay

Details on this coming soon!

Julie magazine names In the Wednesday class we helped Julie brainstorm some names for the Music photography & writing online magazine she wants to start. Last I heard she was leaning toward calling it Vuesik Mag with the URL Vuesik.com. BTW, she'll be looking for photographers & music reviewers to contribute, so give her a shout if you're interested!

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