Roster - Fall '17

Roster - Fall '17

Linked Roster page for Art 490, ePortfolios for Artists, Fall 2017, School of Art, Long Beach State University.

Add Yourself

For the 1st 5 weeks, we'll try 5 different platforms: 2 "blog" platforms, and 3 "portfolio" platforms. When you make each site, leave your URL as a comment here and I'll add you to the roster! In Week 6 you can pick one to use permanently. Leave that URL here too.

Wk 1 - Blog Platform (Goals & Grading)
Wk 2 - Portfolio Platform (New Work!)
Wk 3 - Portfolio Platform (10-15 best)
Wk 4 - Blog Platform (Artist's Statement)
Wk 5 - Portfolio Platform (Work with narrative description)
Wk 6 - Pick whatever works best for you! (start building site!)

1st 6 Weeks

If the above Google Sheet doesn't scroll on your phone, use this link to view the Sheet directly! :)

Final Choices

OK! Now that we've finalized on our Website/ePortfolio platforms, let's fill out our online presence. I'd recommend:

  1. Your own website
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Instagram
  4. One of the Art Social Networks (Behance, Portfolium, ArtStation, Dribble, Flickr, 500px, etc)

Private Instagram?

Many of you have Private Instagrams. For sure, how you set the privacy of your life is your business, not mine! However, obviously, a private IG is not that helpful from the perspective of promoting your work. Here are some options:

  1. Just keep it private
  2. Just make it public
  3. Keep your personal IG private, but create a 2nd professional IG that's public.

Presentation Days

Remaining Mondays:

  1. 6 Nov
  2. 13 Nov
  3. 27 Nov
  4. 4 Dec
  5. 11 Dec

Remaining Wednesdays:

  1. 8 Nov
  2. 15 Nov
  3. 29 Nov
  4. 6 Dec

If you'll leave your URLs for these platforms as comments on this page, I'll add them to the table below:

Websites, Social Media & Critique Dates

Your critique date isn't "for your grade," it's just to get feedback from your classmates to help you make choices and improve the presentation of your work.

  • Green: website has been discussed in class
  • Yellow: scheduled to be discussed
  • Red: please LMK what date you'd like us to look at your site

If the above Google Sheet doesn't scroll on your phone, use this link to view the Sheet directly! :)

photo of a fist up to the camera lens with each finger wearing a different letter ring and together spelling image: Thomas Hawk

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