Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

For an exhibiting artist your Mailing List is one of your most essential tools. For a commercial artist, they may be less critical. Social Media overlaps with your mailing list, but there's nothing like being able to communicate directly with your audience.

Collect Email Addresses!

When you show your work in a gallery, when you go to a party, when you do anything, collect emails!

Facebook & Instagram have a lot of reach, but peeps might not even see your posts there. If you can send an email announcement about your show, or a newsletter about your activities, it will reach in-boxes.

Too Many Choices!

External Mail Apps

I like external mail apps like MailChimp and others. These platforms tend to give you direct access to your data (addresses of people interested in your work). They can be a bit more effort to setup than an internal app, but they offer portability: if you ever switch website platforms, your data isn't held hostage, you can still contact your followers from your new website.

Internal Mail Apps

Many platforms offer their own internal mailing lists. These options tend to be easier to use and there is less for you to do. However, they often don't let you access your data directly. Your mailing list is hostage to you using that platform. If you want to change platforms you might have to start your mailing list from scratch.

Regular Updates; No Spam

  • Sending a regular update, once a week, or once a month, is a great way to keep people connected to your work. Work in progress can be exciting for people interested in your process.
  • As you know from your own experience online, an email every day, or multiple per day, is too much. Keep your audience informed, but don't tax them with too many updates.

Setting Up Your List

Since there are many mail apps, and many website platforms, the exact details can vary. See what works on your platform, and ask a question in the comments below if you need help with anything.

Phone / Tablet Apps

I use Mailchimp and they have a nice app for phone/tablet that makes it easy for me to collect addresses wherever I am.

Mailchimp email list running on a Samsung tablet Mailchimp running on a Samsung tablet

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