Fall '17 Wk 6 - Photo Day

Fall '17 Wk 6 - Photo Day


We've spent the 1st 5 weeks of Fall 2017 trying 5 different ePortfolio/website/blogging platforms. Now it's week 6 and everyone is picking what platform they'd like to stick with for their ePortfolio. Along the way, we've written Artist's Statements and we'll be on to writing Curriculum Vitae soon.


Meanwhile, some of the class needed photos of their work, or of themselves, for their websites. On Monday, Maria Mata did an amazing job of shooting classmate product design pix. In our short 45 minutes, she managed to bring in lights, stands, and a seamless backdrop! Thanks, Maria!!

Then on Wednesday, instead of products, we shot artist headshots. This time Julie Pavlacka generously provided photography for classmates. And we got to go outside and enjoy the autumn-feels-like-spring weather here at The Beach! Thanks Julie!!

Julie Pavlacka shooting a headshot of Jasmyn "Jassy" Soltero Julie Pavlacka shooting a headshot of Jasmyn "Jassy" Soltero

Week 7

After 5 weeks of trying 5 different platforms, finally, last week you picked the platform for your website!

If you didn't LMK your URL yet, pick your platform ASAP (shout on Slack if you need any help picking) and LMK on the roster page.

This week, our activity is to write a narrative outline describing the user experience of your site:

  • What do you want them to see / experience / feel when they arrive on your Landing Page? Will you have a long landing/home page that features many elements? A page with a single image and menu items to go various places? Or...?
  • Where can they go from there? Navigation, Portfolio, etc

Please write your narrative sketch on our Slack sketch-my-site channel:

Women Who WP

There's a cool WordPress group, Women Who WP. It's about WordPress, but it's also about women in a male-dominated world of technology. They believe women have unique and valuable perspectives and skills. And, in spite of my gender, they've asked me to speak at their October meetup:

Wednesday, 18 October '17, 6:30 PM
Mimi's Cafe
18461 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA

My talk will be WordPress: the art platform.

And, they've invited any of you to come join in! And, their cool sponsor, DreamHost is paying for dinner, so all you have to do is show up! :)

Julie & Jassy
Julie & Jassy

New Room!

This week the School of Art faculty needed our normal classroom, FA4-311, for a monthly meeting. We relocated to FA4-108A. The Wednesday students asked if we could just keep FA4-108A since it seems nicer for discussion. I checked in with Karen Kleinfelder & Karen Warner and they said that'd be fine.

So... both Monday & Wednesday classes will now meet in FA4-108A. There's 14 of us on Wednesdays, and 19 on Mondays. If 19 is a lot for 108A, we might move next door to FA4-108B. Either way these should be good spaces for us!

Online Presence

We've been kicking around thoughts about all the many platforms out there, and while you could try to keep it small, or cut loose and have a presence on everything, I think these 4 are a pretty good place to start.

  1. Your Own Website (platform of your choice)
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Instagram
  4. One of the Art/Design/Illustration social sites, eg: Behance, Portfolium, ArtStation, etc

Your Website

The purpose of this class is to help you create a compelling website. One that presents your work well and helps connect you to the opportunities you're interested in. The social platforms are all great, but I do believe that having your own home online that you control the content and aesthetics of is an essential place to start.


It's a professional place. People do find opportunities there, and your work looks good there. It's also a good link to include on other pages. It helps round out your presentation of yourself as a professional.


There can be a crassness to IG. And plenty of SOA faculty have plenty of problems with it. But it is a place of connections and has had a dramatic career impact for some people. I don't think it should be the only place people see your work, but it's a great additional tool to help you be seen. In addition to finished work, you could also keep interest up by showing developmental images of works in progress.

Art Social Networks

I need to learn more about how effective sites like Behance, Portfolium, ArtStation, etc are. Using one (or more) of these could be a good way to extend the reach of your work. Behance is included if you are an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber. If you're not, I wouldn't worry about Behance. Portfolium & ArtStation are free.

The Class
Wednesday section of ePortfolios 4 Artists (about 1/2 of us)

Good Work

I know that laptop space is not the preferred or friendliest space for many of you. Thanks for your efforts in trying so many different platforms these 1st 5 weeks. I hope getting a taste of the choices has been useful.

Keep up the good work, and now let's forge ahead on organizing your websites:

  1. Landing Page / Landing Experience
  2. Navigation (getting around your site/your work)
  3. Portfolio Pages/Galleries
  4. Documents: CV, Artist's Statement, etc

CU on Slack

Please keep the discussion going on Slack. Remember that this is a hybrid class. We only get 45 minutes a week F2F time, and the rest of our time is via Slack (or my M-W Office Hours from 1-2pm down @Coffee Bean @USU)

Happy October everyone!

First day of class
1st day of Art 490 (Wednesday Section)

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