Fall '17 Wk 11 - Home Stretch

Fall '17 Wk 11 - Home Stretch

We're down to our last few classes! Time to make sure your site is strong and discuss each other's work. Attendance is essential!


I'm not a fan of taking attendance. I believe that if you have to take attendance, you've already failed. Attendance and your education shouldn't be a coercive thing. You should be here because you're getting something valuable. If you're not, you should be somewhere else.

Still, lives are busy, and if I make it too easy for you to skip Portfolio, many of you will. We've got only 5 Monday classes left and only 4 Wednesday classes. We'll have to look at 3 Portfolios/week from here on in, just to finish.

Your attendance these last 4/5 weeks is essential. I'll be taking roll effective immediately. You should be working at full speed on your portfolio and you should be offering the most useful insights you can when we look at your classmates' work.

Big Finish

It's time to make good on the promise we made each other when this course began back in August:

To have a compelling website that presents your work effectively, before this semester is over.

Presentation Days

Please check the table on the roster page. A few of you have already presented and a few of you have scheduled a portfolio presentation day. Most of you should LMK what day you'd like to present your site. Note that you're not presenting "for a grade," you're showing your site as it is today and getting feedback from your classmates.

Remaining Mondays:

  1. 6 Nov - Cynthia & Michaela
  2. 13 Nov
  3. 27 Nov - Christine, Diana & Sarah N.
  4. 4 Dec
  5. 11 Dec

Remaining Wednesdays:

  1. 8 Nov
  2. 15 Nov
  3. 29 Nov
  4. 6 Dec

We still need ONE more person to present on Monday. We need THREE people to present on Wednesday. Please email me or leave a comment below letting me know what day you'd like to present.

Links & Media

I have links & pix for many of you on our class table.

  1. Please be sure to send me your links in an email or comment on that page.
  2. And send a photo.
  3. And be sure to connect with each other! Build your network!

Final Portfolio Page

I think that new table looks a lot nicer than the all-links ugly one above it. However, it's still pretty clunky. I'd like to make a nice presentation page where we can show everyone's Photo, Brief Statement, and Links. I made a sample for this page featuring Julie's work:

I should already have your Photo & Links from making the table (please send if I don't). So the only additional thing I need is a brief 3-4 sentence statement from you. See the example with Julie's. Please send me your text as soon as possible.

BTW, what do you think of the WWW icon? The LinkedIn, Instagram, and Art Social Media icons seem large and clear. I wasn't sure what to use for the link to your websites. Is it obvious what it is? We definitely don't want that essential link to be less than obvious to everyone! LMK. Anybody want to design a better one?

Cover Letters

Ismael and I were discussing Cover Letters on Wednesday. They aren't technically part of an ePortfolio in that they probably won't appear on your website, but clearly they're a key element of getting your site and your work seen. From chatting with some of you it seems like you don't have a Professional Practices class besides this Art 490 ePortfolios class.

So... let's write cover letters!

Here's a post with info on cover letters and a real-world cover letter you can write. You might even decide to submmit it!

Other New Pages

I've also added a few other pages to the course website. I've tried to cover a few more topics that you'll probably want to think about:


If you need any help, creative, aesthetic, technical, or anything else, LMK!

  • Come down and talk at Coffee Bean at the USU after class at 1pm
  • Send me an Email or Slack
  • Leave a comment on this page

Good luck everyone! You've all got the ingredients. Lets be sure to polish your website and be ready for the world in the next few weeks!

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