Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Your online CV (Curriculum Vitae): PDF? Or web page?

Many peeps like to write their CV or Resume in a word processor like MS Word or Google Docs and then "print" it to PDF. Then they upload the PDF to their website. Then people who want to know about their work can download the PDF and then download a PDF reader, and then open the PDF with the reader, and finally actually see the CV.

Open Web?

As you can probably tell from the paragraph above, I am not a fan of PDF. I don't understand why you'd want to put static and silo'd content up that's such a fuss to actually look at when you could just put up a web page that anyone could read right in their browser and which Google, Yahoo & Bing could all easily crawl, index, and make available to anyone interested in you or the elements of your CV.

Do Both?

In spite of my own obvious bias, many people do like to put PDF CVs online. And actually, that's fine. I'd recommend doing both, so anyone inpatient like me can just see your work already, and anyone who enjoys playing with files can download your PDF.

For the live web page version, just make a page, and use formatting elements, H1 - H6, Bold, Italic, Block Quote, and so on, to format your CV or Resume. For the PDF version, create it in your favorite word processor, print to PDF, upload it to your site, and put a link or links in the relevant pages.

Write Yours Today!

The thing about CVs, Resumes, and Websites too, is that the hardest one to do is the 1st one. For that one you have to put down something from scratch. You have to search your whole career to figure out what to say. Once you have one, all you have to do is update it. Decide what you no longer want to show, add new things, and perhaps brush up some that you keep. The sooner you put up a 1st draft, the sooner you can polish it to something you're comfortable and proud to share with anyone interested.

Formatting your CV

Here's some websites that can help you organize your content:

a curriculum  vitae written on the Berlin Wall CV on the Berlin Wall, image: Fabrizio Morroia

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