Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is a visual web design program. No code. Just drag and drop pages, templates, and content, and upload / update your site when ready. Muse is an alternative to portfolio sites like SquareSpace, CargoCollective, or WordPress. Muse is part of Adobe Creative Cloud which costs $50/month IRL, or $20 / month for students, or free to use on any CSULB campus computer.

Your Options

I do think that options like SquareSpace, CargoCollective, and WordPress will suit most of you best. They're easy to use and importantly, easy to update in just a couple of minutes. If you want to focus more on design, you might like Muse. Jill is really excited about working with Muse so this page is a little bit for her, but it's really for any of you that might like to explore this space.

Muse Updates

The content you create and upload to a server can stay on that server for as long as you pay your server bill, which in the case of Gwiddle, is free forever. However to update your Muse content, you'll need access to the Muse software. If you create a Muse site and then leave the university, you might need to pay Adobe their Creative Cloud fee of $50/month, so keep that in mind. Of course if you need programs like Photoshop, Premiere, etc, then you'll be paying that fee anyway. If you are curious about Muse, don't let future fees keep you from at least playing with it a little while you're a student here @CSULB.

How To:

Here's a nice intro video to get you started:

Here's the 1st page I made in Muse. It literally took me 5 minutes to find a web font I liked, put a few words on the page, add some images, and upload it to my web server. (I already had a server and knew my password)

screen cap of a simple page made with Adobe Muse

Here's a link to the live page, although it will probably look different by the time you view it:

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