1st Person? Or 3rd Person?

1st Person? Or 3rd Person?

When you write an Artist's Statement, Curriculum Vitae, Resume, or other text, do you write it in 1st person? Or 3rd person? Which is more professional? Which is more authentic?

3rd Person

Some people like 3rd person bio writing because they feel it’s more professional.

1st Person

Personally, I find 3rd person to be distancing. And on a blog or website where we presume you are writing about yourself, 3rd person feels very detached and pretentious.

To me.

But, you choose.


For the past 12 years Mr. Zucman has conducted in-depth radio interviews with artists. When he approaches a conversation he tries...


For about a dozen years now I’ve been doing radio interviews with artists. When I have the chance to talk with a new author or choreographer...

Yes the 2nd one is informal, and you can decide if it’s appropriate for your resume or not, but in my judgement it’s a more engaging “About Me.” More authentic. More relatable.

portrait of Glenn Zucman by German beauty, fashion & lifestyle photographer Tamara Williams Glenn Zucman, Los Angeles, 2016, photo by Tamara Williams

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