Final Info!

Hi Everyone!

The Final

  • s2, 1pm: Monday May 15, 12:30-2:30
  • s3, 2:30: Wednesday May 17, 2:45-4:45
  • Final Location: SOA Art Gallery Courtyard
  • Final Activity: Art Games!
  • Please be on time!
  • Schedule of all CSULB Finals times: here

The Final will be Art Games. There’s a few instructions below. No studying or cramming required. If you attend and participate you should get full points on the final!

Final Materials

  • 4×6 index card (each team needs a few blank ones)
  • 3 “words” – use a magazine or old textbook and tear out 3 words you like. The best words are between 1/4″ – 1/2″ in height.
  • transparent tape – each team needs some tape. Not everybody needs to bring tape, but if you have some, please bring it
  • 2 “letters” – take 2 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets of paper and draw a letter on each. Use a marker and color in the letter so it’s at least 2″ wide and bold
  • Food! Oh yeah, you voted for a final potluck! Please bring a bag of chips or something 🙂

Final ID Cards

For your last ID card, please draw something reflecting your thoughts about what the College Experience might be like in 2037!

Final Teams

We’ll have 8 teams in each section for the final, and I’ll ask our top 8 for each section to be the team leaders. When you show up to the final just find one of the 8 and ask to join their team. Up to 9 peeps per team (leader + peeps) for the 1p class, and up to 8 peeps per team for the 2:30 class.

1p Team Leaders

  1. Eliza Karpel
  2. Bernadette Villena
  3. Karen Luau
  4. Kiara Lacambra
  5. Sara Rivenbark
  6. Lyle Adonis
  7. Maryam Takla
  8. Alicia Castro

2:30 Team Leaders

  1. Maria Romo
  2. Jacob Siciliano
  3. Betty Escorcia
  4. Jared Malabed
  5. Gabriella Tecun
  6. Alexander LeBreton
  7. Jackie Perez Magana
  8. Chelsea Mallinson
drawing of a CSULB student ID Card
Betty Escorcia

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