photo of Carla Dauden from a video screen image

Visiting Artist: Carla Dauden

photo of Carla Dauden from a video screen image

Carla Dauden

Carla Dauden

This Wednesday we’ll be meeting up in the classroom, FA4-311 for a talk by our Visiting Artist Carla Dauden. Carla is exciting for lots of reasons! Here’s 3:

  1. She’s a graduate of the CSULB Film & Electronic Arts department
  2. She’s been living in California and developing her filmmaking career
  3. She’s also used video media to be an activist for her home country Brazil, most notably regarding the 2014 World Cup

I love that Carla’s been able to use her film & video talents both to advance a career in narrative cinema and music videos, and also to be an activist for things she believes in.

This week in Art110 we’ll be making vlogs. Vlogs, blogs, Instagram, and the many other tools you have represent a power and voice that your parents never had. Like Carla, you can use these tools both to advance your career and to help build the better world you’d like to live in.

Here’s the bio from Carla Dauden’s website:

Carla Dauden was born in Brazil, but at age 18 she followed her passion for film and decided to study cinema in California. She soon wrote, produced and directed her first short film, Make Your Weather, which premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival of 2010. In her third year in the country, Carla transferred to the Film and Electronic Arts program at Cal State Long Beach, where she double tracked in directing and cinematography, and received a B.A. degree. In 2012, Carla wrote and directed the short film The Wash, which was praised for its daring approach to water conservation and received the audience’s choice award at the international Intelligent Use of Water competition. In June of 2013, she gained recognition all over the world for her video No I’m Not Going to the World Cup. She was featured in major news channels and papers, and her video now has more than 4 million views on YouTube. Carla’s latest short, Mr Polman Wants to Fit In, was accepted in world renowned festivals and was nominated for best live action short at the Oscar qualifying Santa Barbara International Film Festival of 2014. Carla is currently working as a director both in Brazil and in Los Angeles, having directed several music videos, commercials, web series, and documentaries.

Carla Dauden Films & Videos


No, I’m not going to the World Cup

World Cup 2014: 7-1 was the least embarrassing number for Brazil


The Discarded:

A tale of two Rios


Carla Dauden directing reel

Mr. Polman Wants to Fit In

The Wash

2012 Intelligent Use of Water Competition

Music Video

Anna Renee – Addicted to Heartbreak

MAGIC! No Regrets

Lizzie Weber – Falling Like Fools

Anna Renee – Sharks