film poster for "The Matrix"

The Matrix

Hi guys! Seems like those of you who participated in the Mr. Nobody EC Discussion had a pretty good experience and some pretty good insights! 😀

Next week, Week 4, in our Art Talk Discussion I’ll be talking mainly about Cave Art, but I’ll also refer to Keanu Reeves’ character Neo in The Matrix. Released in 1999, The Matrix is 17 years old now and I know many of you have never seen it.

So let’s do another “Movie Nite” EC Discussion. I hope you enjoy the film – it’s a rare combination of big ideas and big action. With Hollywood, you usually get one or the other. With The Matrix you get both.

If you watch The Matrix on Netflix, etc, and discuss the film in the comments on this page, I’ll give you up to 20 points of Extra Credit. You can watch it here:

This page will be open for discussion till the end of Week 4: Sunday, Sept 18, at 11:59pm

Watch & Talk! (& add to your comments whether you’re in 1p or 2:30)

Your insights on Mr. Nobody were good, and please do that again with The Matrix. (you can do this EC even if you didn’t do Mr. Nobody) You’ll find a lot of human culture woven into this story. Christ imagery. Buddhist ideas. And in our Week 4 Art Talk Video, The Mind in the Cave, you’ll hear me argue that Neo is “The Broken Man.” See if you can connect Neo in The Matrix to The Broken Man in the Lascaux Cave.

film poster for "The Matrix"