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Week 1

Week of May 28 This Week's Learning Objective: Consider the 3-million-year impulse of human beings and our ancestors to make art and aesthetic experience. How art expresses who we are, our hopes and our fears, and how Allan Kaprow used the most subtle activities to explore art and life, and our human presence on this earth.

Week 2

Week of June 4 This Week's Learning Objective: To think briefly about cave art and how the markings on cave walls have so much to say about who we are today.

Week 3

Week of June 11 This Week's Learning Objective: Brief introduction to art in Classical Greece and Rome and how it influences Western and American culture today.

Week 4

Week of June 18 This Week's Learning Objective: The Middle Ages, Internet Art, and Joseph Cornell are very different art experiences and we'll look at them all. Different as they are we may find some sort of kinship in the style and often obsessive detail found in Middle Ages architecture and illuminated manuscripts, in the endless labyrinths of Internet Art, and the elaborate "Wonder Cabinets" of Cornell.

Week 5

Week of June 25 This Week's Learning Objective: The Renaissance, The Baroque, The Body, and a young, 19-year-old woman who, 150-years-ago this year, changed the nature of the representation of women in art.

Week 6

Week of July 4 This Week's Learning Objective: We'll look at the manufacturing of identity in the photography of Nikki S. Lee and in our own "Art110 Life" group photography project.

Week 7

Week of July 9 This Week's Learning Objective: This week's artist of the week, sound artist Janet Cardiff, creates sonic narratives you experience in specific sites. As Cardiff remaps urban spaces, we'll think about our own mapping of experiences into "realist" or "romantic" spaces.

Week 8

Week of July 16 This Week's Learning Objective: It's Performance Art week as we read another chapter in The Body in Contemporary Art, and spend a few minutes with "The Grandmother of Performance Art," Marina Abramovic.

Week 9

Week of July 23 This Week's Learning Objective: This week we'll visit the poster-children of New Media pranks: Eva & Franco Mattes. Their work is cheeky and silly, but also a powerful, even scathing critique of contemporary culture. We also begin our final project which will run for the last 4 weeks of our course.

Week 10

Week of July 30 This Week's Learning Objective: Back in the old 20th century, Copyright was relevant to very few people. If you were a rock star, a record label, or a movie studio, you wanted to control your copyrights, and you may have made a fortune doing so, but for "the rest of us" the topic was mostly irrelevant. We don't live in that century any more. Today almost everyone creates their own "Intellectual Property" and uses / abuses the "Intellectual Property" of others, every day. We'll think about what freedom and creativity mean in our time, and do so by considering the sad case of Aaron Swartz who died earlier this year.

Week 11

Week of August 6 This Week's Learning Objective: Last week we thought about Free Culture and Hacking. This week Hacking and Activism meet Art in our consideration of Hacktivism. We'll meet the man who read the names of real dead American soldiers in the game America's Army, and became a virtual Gandhi in cyberspace.

Week 12

Week of August 13 This Week's Learning Objective: To wrap up our "formal" Art110 class and send you off on your "informal" Art Appreciation that I hope will go with you for the rest of your life, we'll have a little virtual party with two eccentric but enormously powerful thinkers of the 20th century: Andy Warhol & Marshall McLuhan.

Syllabus 13 Summer

Draft Syllabus for SOA / CCPE 100% Online Art 110, Summer 2013…