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Once you make your website, leave Your Name and Your URL as a comment on this page. I’ll add you to the roster. After that, you don’t have to “turn in” your 2 weekly blog posts, you just post them and I’ll go find them each week.

  1. Abraham Quilizapa
  2. Adam Waldrop
  3. Ariza Padua
  4. Carol Velazquez
  5. Deanna Soward
  6. Efren Garcia ?
  7. Elizabeth Chen
  8. Hiep Nguyen
  9. Hiten Master
  10. Jake Hildreth
  11. Kelly Schwartz
  12. Kevin Alipour
  13. Kevin Armentrout
  14. Krishan Bhakta
  15. Layla Hadidi
  16. Lisa Bernhauser
  17. Lisa Mann
  18. My Linh “Sally” Le
  19. Niko Kroha
  20. Rami Dunham
  21. Rannah Jahedi
  22. Shaakira Raasikh
  23. Sho Nioka


Have an awesome summer everyone!

The words "Art 110, Summer '16" superimposed on a photo of students standing in a grassy area between building Fine Art 4 and the Art Gallery Courtyard, at California State University, Long Beach, School of Art, May 2016

Written by Glenn Zucman

BA, Psychology, University of Hawaii, MFA, Intermedia Art, Long Beach State. Host of American Public Media's "Border Patrol." Host of KBeach Radio's "Strange Angels." Interested in Identity Art that explores our Oracle-at-Delphi-like straddling of corporeal and virtual realms in our new media century. Civil rights in online space. 10 years...
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Glenn Zucman

Thanks Shaakira! You’re on the roster! 🙂

You’re a senior? Are you coming back in the fall? Or are you done after summer? What’s next for you Shaakira!?

Glenn Zucman

Thanks Ariza, Kelly, My Linh & Jake! You’re on the roster!
I hope you have a great experience in Art110 this summer.
LMK if you have any questions about anything or need any help with anything!

Glenn Zucman

Great Niko! You’re on the roster. Here’s to a fun, interesting, and I hope relevant summer! LMK if you have any questions or need help with anything.

Glenn Zucman

Thanks Rannah! You’re on the roster now. I hope you enjoy the class!! Just shout if you have any questions or need help with anything!

Glenn Zucman

Hi Rannah! It was great meeting you at Seal Beach today. WordPress comments are ideal for conversations, but for a quicker answer like this, slack is probably a little better. Anyway, glad everything worked out!


Hi Mr. Zucman. It was great to meeting you too. Thanks for your help. I enjoyed the conversation today. Hope to see you next week.

Glenn Zucman

Thanks Elizabeth! You’re on the roster! 😀

LMK if you have any questions or need any help with anything!

I hope you have a great summer!! 😎

Glenn Zucman

Hello Abraham! Thanks for letting me know your URL. Unfortunately, you must have copied it wrong. There is no website at the URL you listed.

Could you please check it again and paste your URL here again? TY! 🙂


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