Welcome to Summer Art 110!


Welcome to Summer Art 110! This summer we have 4 freshmen, 7 sophomores, 5 juniors, and 14 seniors in the class. Whatever year of college you're in, welcome! The summer class tends to have a lot of seniors who need to pick up a class to graduate. This summer we'll look at a wide range of arts and ideas: from painting to architecture, from new media to design. Since so many of you are graduating, we'll focus our design thinking on ePortfolios or personal websites or personal branding. I hope this will be really valuable to the half of the class that's graduating. And even if you're a freshman, you'll be graduating soon enough, and it's also nice to start things like portfolios of your work before you're in a big hurry to have one.

By major, there's 3 of you from Communications, Computer Science, and Engineering. 2 each from a number of different majors, and 1 each of you from a bunch of other cool majors:

  • American Studies
  • Biochemistry / Molecular Bio 2
  • Child Development / Family Studies
  • Communication Studies 3
  • Computer Science 3
  • Criminal Justice
  • Dance
  • Engineering, Mechanical / Civil 3
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Film & Electronic Arts
  • Health Care Admin / Health Education 2
  • Hospitality Management
  • International Studies 2
  • Math / Statistics 2
  • Psychology 2
  • Sociology 2
  • Undeclared / Non Degree 2

3 Platforms

Erasing the Border (Borrando la Frontera) Ana Teresa Fernández Erasing the Border (Borrando la Frontera) Ana Teresa Fernández, 2012

Artist OTW: Ana Teresa Fernández

During the regular school year and in the F2F class we have the chance to visit with artists at the CSULB School of Art Galleries each week. Of course we can't do that in our 100% online class, but thanks to the power of The Internet, we can do something similar. We'll use the 1st part of the week, Monday-Thursday, to talk with the artist. You could actually email a few questions to the artist if you'd like, but by "talk" I mostly mean use the web to research the artist. You can look at work on their website, read reviews by art publications and other media, watch videos, and so on. During the first part of the week we'll share our research and discuss the artist with each other on Slack.

Then in the 2nd part of the week you can take what you've learned through your own research, and in discussing the artist with your classmates, as the source material for your Artist Of The Week (OTW) essay on your website.

Here's a template for your essay. I think it will help you organize your ideas about the artist and their work:

Our first Artist OTW is Ana Teresa Fernández. I think you will find her work contemporary and compelling. I'm looking forward to discussing it with you on Slack:

Yulia Grenaderova & Glenn Zucman @RULA Yulia Grenaderova & Glenn Zucman @RULA