Once you make your website, leave:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your URL
  3. Your Section (1p or 2:30p)

    as a comment on this page. I’ll add you to the roster. After that, you don’t have to “turn in” your 2 weekly blog posts, you just post them and I’ll go find them each week.

Section 2 – 1pm

  1. Abigail Manuel
  2. Adrian Munoz
  3. Aleah Lomeli
  4. Alex Miramontes
  5. Ali Garawi
  6. Allison Cruz
  7. Amanda Martinez
  8. Amy Song
  9. Ana Maya
  10. Andrew Nguyen
  11. Andy Bui
  12. Araceli Lozano
  13. Brian Sath
  14. Briana Garcia
  15. Bryan Aparicio
  16. Carlos Villicana
  17. Christian Gallo
  18. Christopher Yuen
  19. Cindy Le
  20. Damonte Ford
  21. Daniel Puentes
  22. Daniel Schmitz
  23. Daniel Velazquez
  24. Demi Kong
  25. Esmeray Lopez
  26. Evan Burton
  27. Hannah AdamsDeviant Art
  28. Jacqueline Sanchez
  29. Janis VernierPortfolio Site
  30. Jasmine Figueroa
  31. Jennifer Mendoza ?
  32. John Savage
  33. Jonathan Girgis
  34. Joy Uba
  35. Juan Vasquez
  36. Kaya Quarles
  37. Kayla Tafoya-Sablan
  38. Laura Lockett
  39. Linda-Linh Nguyen
  40. Lukas Fuentes
  41. Marcelo Ceballos Jr.
  42. Maritess Inieto
  43. Marlene Rodriguez
  44. Marysol Jimenez
  45. Melissa Rios
  46. Monica Lock
  47. Monique Alcala
  48. Natalie Santana
  49. Nhi Truong
  50. Nickolas Lemmerman
  51. Patricia Avendano
  52. Raylyn Diep
  53. Rei Joseph Cayabyab
  54. Roxana Chavez
  55. Samuel De La Cruz
  56. Selena Lara
  57. Shalane Holm
  58. Stephanie Arciva
  59. Stephen de Villa
  60. Tina Nguyen
  61. Tina Tran
  62. Tommy Duong
  63. Vincent Santos
  64. Yonathan Sahle
  65. Yuliana Torres


Section 3 – 2:30

  1. Adriana Maciel
  2. Alfredo Gonzalez
  3. Alfredo Reyes
  4. Alyssa Bui
  5. Amy Becerra
  6. Amy Pham
  7. Ana Gomez
  8. Arvan Arguelles
  9. Belen Barragan
  10. Brandon Hong
  11. Bunny Horn
  12. Claudia Sanchez
  13. Daniel Martinez
  14. Darryl Nguyen
  15. David Lai
  16. Emily Tomasello
  17. Erika Perez
  18. Faisal Alotaibi
  19. Fatima Negrete-Farias
  20. Felix Huynh
  21. Gabriel Gonzalez
  22. Giancarlo Vento
  23. Gustavo Portillo
  24. Hailei Reyes
  25. Henry Pham
  26. Jacqueline Nguyen ?
  27. Jamie Van
  28. Janett Moctezuma
  29. Jazmin Mejia
  30. Jessica ObriquePortfolio Site
  31. Jillian Ayala
  32. Jose Perez
  33. Juli Yoshinaga
  34. Justin Pena
  35. Justin Pham
  36. Leslie Meza
  37. Linney Sar
  38. Lizzy Stiller
  39. Lourdes Sandoval
  40. Lydia Chang
  41. Malina (Picantha) Im
  42. Maria Leon
  43. Marissa Sar
  44. Mark Nguyen
  45. Megan Chung
  46. Megan Salinas
  47. Melissa Passarelli
  48. Nathan Davalos
  49. Nkechi Okoroma
  50. Noe Sandoval
  51. Pamela Ajoste
  52. Raul Silva-Pizano
  53. Reyna Real
  54. Ruiwen Lin
  55. Samantha Gomez
  56. Savannah Avalos
  57. Stephanie Valdivia
  58. Tiffany Phan
  59. Timothy Chung ?
  60. Valeria Gonzalez
  61. Yesenia Hernandez
  62. Zack Ngov


Layla Hadidi, Summer '16, at the Venice Beach Art Walls

Layla Hadidi, Summer ’16, at the Venice Beach Art Walls

Written by Glenn Zucman

BA, Psychology, University of Hawaii, MFA, Intermedia Art, Long Beach State. Host of American Public Media's "Border Patrol." Host of KBeach Radio's "Strange Angels." Interested in Identity Art that explores our Oracle-at-Delphi-like straddling of corporeal and virtual realms in our new media century. Civil rights in online space. 10 years...
Read more


Glenn Zucman

That’s great Aleah! I’m only taking art classes this semester! 😛
Oh well, at least I get to take them with peeps from a lot of different majors! 😀

What are you excited about?

Glenn Zucman

Thanks Brian! You’re on the roster! How was your summer? I’m still trying to figure out where mine went so fast!? Also I’ve realized that it was a lot warmer last year. This summer is better for actually doing work at my place, but the ocean was like bath water last year – wow – that was nice!

Anyway, happy last week of summer. Looking forward to meeting you next week!

Glenn Zucman

Thanks Jazmin! You’re on the roster!

What year of school will this be for you? What else are you taking?

Have a great semester Jazmin!

Glenn Zucman

Great Nicole! “thenicolemanago” looks promising! 😀

And I love!! Nice work Nicole!

BTW, you can, as you’ve done, have 2 separate websites. But if you like, it’s also fine to do your Art110 posts on east2west.

You might prefer to keep them separate because you don’t want to distract your Fashion & Lifestyle blog with your Art activities.


You might like to do them together to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – more content, and links to and from other places, like classmates & artists will push your site up in Search Results. And maybe “Art” is a little related?

Note, that if you do want to put it all on your east2west site, the Art posts don’t have to “take over”… we can look for a way to have only your Fashion / Lifestyle posts on your home page, and just have a Menu item to click to see the art posts. If you want to keep separate, that’s fine, but if you do want to try them together and want any help organizing it, just LMK.

Oh, PS: on your home page where it (awesomely!) shows all of your posts, it lists them as “Favorites, Uncategorized” or “Outfits, Uncategorized”… what it’s doing is displaying the Categories you’ve put each post in. The default is “Uncategorized”. If you saved a draft before clicking a category, then it put Uncat as a default and then added whatever you checked later. It’s super minor, but you could go to your list of posts and uncheck all the “uncategorized”s, which would make your home page look just a tiny bit nicer!

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this semester Nicole! 😀

Glenn Zucman

Monica, Linney, Jamie, Melissa, Melina, Savannah, Nikolas, Megan, Nicole ‘n Mark — Thanks! You’re on the roster! Good luck this week!! I’ll see you all on Wed!

Glenn Zucman

Awesome Daniel, Bunny & Roxana! You’re on the roster! Now it’s on to Plaster Casting, Video Watching & Chatting with classmates!

I’m looking forward to meeting you Tomorrow!!

Glenn Zucman

Thanks guys! Everyone above this comment is now on the roster! Have a great weekend! Maybe see a few of you at the Seal Beach Pier on Saturday!! 😀

Glenn Zucman

Thanks Damonte! You’re on the roster! 🙂

I gave you points for Week 1 Activity (Plaster Casting) and also for Week 1 Discussion. I didn’t see a Week 1 Classmate Conversation on your Blog / Website so I didn’t give you points for that… ? Don’t forget to post those too. Or see me if you want to review what’s due each week. The info is also on the very top of the syllabus:

Great that you did the Sketching Volleyball EC! I’ll post the points for that later today (Monday).

Nice write-up on the Landscapes with a Corpse activity, but where is the photo??

If you have any questions you can:

  1. Meetup F2F
  2. Message me on chat:
  3. email me:
  4. Reply to this “Comment” and I can also reply here
Glenn Zucman

Hi Falsal! Unfortunately, you pasted the wrong URL – that’s the URL to our Schedule on Trello! Can you try pasting the URL to YOUR WordPress Website again? TY!

Glenn Zucman

Great Stephen, you’re on the roster, TY!

But… it’s now week 4 and I don’t see any work on your website. It’s great that you finally made one, but you’ve lost 3 weeks worth of points! (153 points out of 1,000). You’re really falling far behind already.

What is your plan to do the work in this class?

Do you have any questions or need any help with anything?


Glenn Zucman

Great Faisal, you’re on the roster, TY!
But… it’s now week 4 and I don’t see any work on your website. It’s great that you finally made one, but you’ve lost 3 weeks worth of points! (153 points out of 1,000). You’re really falling far behind already.
What is your plan to do the work in this class?
Do you have any questions or need any help with anything?

Glenn Zucman

Thanks Daniel, glad you’re finally on the roster!

I’ve gone back and given you points for previous work.

Please be sure to number all your posts with the correct week.


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