The new academic year started today!

4 "collars" in red, brown, purple, and orange yarn are woven around a light pole at the CSULB, College of the Arts, School of Art, near the Art Gallery Complex

a little Yarn Bombing at the SOA

standing in line behind a couple of people ordering at Robek's at the CSULB USU

Ordering my Raspberry Romance from Robek’s in the USU (University Student Union)

photo of students walking through the Robek's / Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf lobby at the California State University, Long Beach, University Student Union

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is adjacent to Robek’s in the USU. I know it’s a Starbuck’s world, and they’re good, but I like CBTL even better. My Wednesday Office Hours are 11:30-12:30 at the umbrella tables just outside Robek’s / CBTL at the USU. Come say “hi!”

CSULB’s Sororities & Fraternities were out on Friendship Walk:

Students in a lecture classroom, FA4-311, in the School of Art at CSULB

Art110! Look at all the happy students! 🙂

Students discussing in small groups

Making small groups to discuss what a work of art could be about, and what sorts of media might best discuss different ideas

Students discussing in small groups 16Fall-Wk1-7
a white board with blue writing on it

Note to self: bring white board markers!

Students in a classroom

Finding a partner for 1-to-1 “Classmate Conversations”.

Students discussing in small groups
students in a classroom interviewing each other

Classmate Conversations

photo of the VGA connectors on the Smart Panel in the classroom FA4-311 in the School of Art at CSULB

Oopsy! I never thought the “Smart Panel” in the CSULB University Theater, UT-108, was especially “smart,” but apparently it was. It had a working PC computer and an HDMI input. Here in FA4-311 there’s no HDMI input! I couldn’t plug in my too-cool-4-the-new-school laptop! We’re oldschool VGA only here! 🙁

Mac G4 tower on the floor of classroom FA4-311 at the School of Art at California State University, Long Beach

There was an old Mac on the floor which I tried to get to boot, before realizing that there was no keyboard or mouse. Suddenly the flaky PC in UT-108 was starting to look pretty good. Funny thing is, I had one of these Macs years ago. I thought it was sooooo sexy when it came out. The aerodynamic molded plastic was amazing. Lickable! But yesterday’s futuristic gave way to those towering aluminum towers, which later gave way to those hipster round things, and suddenly, like Robert Smithson taking a tour of the monuments of Passaic, New Jersey, this once amazing, empowering, futuristic Mac of possibilities was just a useless computer in ruin, so old it didn’t even need a lock on it because no one would ever dare to think of stealing such a beast. In The Force Awakens, Rey says “the garbage will do,” but unfortunately, today the garbage wouldn’t do. Short version: no projector for 1st class! 😛

photo of a "need help?" sign next to the projection "smart panel" in classroom FA4-311 in the School of Art at CSULB

No comment! 😀

photo of inside of Faculty office FO4-267 at CSULB. Image includes desk, bookcase & chairs

From my “Smart Panel” projection failure in FA4-311 I proceeded to my office, FO4-267 where I learned the California State Fire Marshal had recently inspected and found my office wanting. Apparently the sideways bookcase that’d been under the circuit breakers for the past 10 years (“annual” inspection?) was verboten – must have 36″ of clear space in front of breakers! So we moved the bookcase to the opposite wall. We’re now good Faculty Office citizens.

Failed projector and failed, but corrected, Fire Marshal inspection notwithstanding, Fall ’16’s off to a great start! Teaching summer online is nice, but it’s good to be back on campus!

Written by Glenn Zucman

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