photo of a moonbase

Moonbase Alpha

photo of a moonbase

Cyberspace Mazerunner

This week we’ll play a sort of hopscotch or mazerunner in cyberspace. You’ll use your website to make a page on a character and then provide links out to 3 or more classmates characters pages. Three or more different classmates will make links in to your character. So our giant group story will be a sort of choose your own adventure where readers can choose the steps they take through our co-created world.

Moonbase Alpha

The year is 2046 and you are a resident on Moonbase Alpha. You might be a miner, a pilot, a bartender, or have any other job of your choice at the moonbase.

We’ll all be participants at Moonbase Alpha, but you can think of your character in any cultural milieu you like: Hogworts, Game of Thrones, Minions, Jason Bourne, or any other context you can dream up that inspires you.

Take a photo of yourself to use as your character’s ID image. When you connecty to classmates to share links in or out of your page, tell them a few words about your character and come up with some sort of relationship between your characters: co-worker, employer, boyfriend or girlfriend, arch rival, and so on. Then when you create your links out to them, or they create their links in to you, you can say a few words about this person the reader is heading to see. You might encourage use to be nice to them, or to not trust them, or any other way you’d like to influence the reader as they step into this next part of their story surfing.

Publish Your Character

Try to think of your character’s name right away. Name your blog post with the character’s first name. So this week only instead of our normal post names: Wk 9 – Art Experience – Moonbase Alpha, if your character is Jennifer Le, then name your post “Jennifer.” Go ahead and publish it right away, even though you might only have a name and no other content yet. Now you’ve got a URL for your page so you can share it with all the classmates who’d like to link to you.

Your Blog Post

This week, your character is your blog post. You don’t need a separate page stating or analyzing what you did, you can just focus on fleshing out a cool character. Try to think of a backstory for your character: how did they get here? Are they excited to be here? Miserable? Are there events in their childhood that led them to this path?

Be creative! Have fun! Be out there! Try to make some connections to the other characters linking to or from your character profile. It’s great when characters have different points of view, so don’t be afraid if your version of events is very different to some character you’re connected to.