ePortfolio, Spring 2014

Beyond “turning in your homework” I urge you to work to make your blog an “ePortfolio” that will serve you at CSULB and beyond.

Cool story: Jenny Lawson, AKA The Bloggess, didn’t think anyone would even want to read her irreverent tales, but because of her blog, an agent discovered her and insisted on publishing her book: Let’s Pretend this Never Happened (a mostly true memoir) debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List. Her blog got her a book deal, and now her book is bringing more people to her blog.

Your Website!

Your blog can be totally yours! Make the look and feel be about Physical Training, or Cars, or Biology Research, or Cosplay. It’s your site, express your identity, create your community, and reach out to your public.

The Art110 Part

All you have to do for Art110 is to have a Drop-Down Menu or something like it, to easily find your Art110 activities.

For full credit each post should include:

  1. Title with week, topic & subject
  2. Full Name of the artist or classmate
  3. Link to their website
  4. Tagged with their name (video #3 below shows you how to do this)
  5. Photo of the artist or their work, or of you and your classmate.
  6. Text: 2 or 3 well written, insightful paragraphs.

Sample Titles

  • Wk 1: Artist Interview: Brianna Allen
  • Wk 2: Classmate Interview: Ida Bohlin
  • Wk 3: Activity: Instagram Portrait

(the Activities for weeks 1 & 2 are a little different. Wk1 is your site itself, and Wk2 is your “AboutMe” vlog, embedded on an About page)

Sample Tags

  • briannaallen
  • idabohlin
  • csulbinstagram

Help Vid #1 – Getting Started

WordPress.com • Domain Names • Themes • Naming Posts • Adding Text & Images •

You can get a Website / Blog at WordPress.com. You can get your URL there at the same time. Once you have your “Me.com” domain name, leave it as a comment on this post and we’ll assemble our class roster.

Help Vid #2 – Form & Function

Help Vid #3 – Tagging our Artists!

We’d like to make it easy for artists, or anyone else, to find the posts we’ve written about them, and here’s a fast & easy way to do it:

A few sample tags:


Looking for the Art110 Roster? It’s now at: Art110 Roster, Spring 2014


        • Hey Cristina – hmm… I know I responded to this question somewhere… wonder where that reply went?

          Anyway… if I go to WP.com and buy glennzucman.com, they will actually give my 2 url’s:


          so if they didn’t switch it over to use your new “me.com” you can do it manually.

          Dashboard >> Store >> My Domains

          there you’ll probably see the 2 versions and one of them had a radio button hilited that says “primary.” If you want the other one, just click it, and then click “Update Primary Domain”

          And don’t forget to LMK what your URL is! 🙂

    • Hi Jessica, it looks like you may have accidentally bought “artforthoughtdotnet.com” which probably isn’t the best name. I think WordPress.com has a 24 hour refund policy on domain names. So you can get it refunded, but the window to do so is very short. You should probably refund that name and then see what you can get that’s simpler. If you can refund it tonight that’d be great. I could also help you tomorrow over at the galleries, but again, the refund window is very short.

    • Yes Xue, you can add a domain name at any time. I know it seems like you’re “deleting” the “wordpress” but technically that’s not what you’re doing.

      You now have a blog at the domain “wordpress.com”
      and you’re using the “sub-domain” of xueweifan.wordpress.com
      a “subdomain” is like “www.wordpress.com”

      what you want is the new / different domain of xueweifan.com
      anyway, to get that you go to WordPress.com, login, and then:
      Dashboard >> Store >> My Domains
      and then you can buy xueweifan.com – which looks like it is available! 🙂

      BTW, if you wanted it, you could also get a URL like:

      Those are a little more trouble to set up and probably a little more money, so .com is probably just the easiest way to go. But if you do want one of the others, LMK and I can help.

    • Great Gearaldine! Enjoy your new website! And remember it is YOUR website. Post anything you want here. Facebook and other social nets are great for sharing links, but it’s really nice to have your own place that you can completely style and present as you like.

    • That’s right Cindy. The website / blog itself is free forever. But the domain name is for 1 year. A year from now you can decide if you want to pay another $18 or not. Obviously Art110 will be long over by then, so if you want to drop it, that’s fine. I hope in a year you’ll have so much strong work there that you’d really like to keep it under a personal domain name. You can think about that in 2015! 🙂

  1. Auti Kamal

    Hi I’m Auti 🙂
    My blog is thehe-art-ofauti.tumblr.com
    I do have my own website already but I use it to get professional dance and choreography jobs, so I can’t put school stuff on it. Feel free to check out autikamal.com
    Thanks Professor

    • Hi Nada!

      I’m actually asking you to buy your own domain name, like “NadaAbushaban.com” not the generic domains like me.tumblr.com or me.wordpress.com

      For WordPress.com it’s all one step to get your site and your domain name. I show how to do it in the video above.

      For Tumblr it’s 2 steps. You get your site from Tumblr, then you get your URL from a Domain Name Host like Network Solutions or GoDaddy. At that end you set an “A Record” to point to Tumblr’s IP Address and then you go over to the Tumblr end and set it to use that incoming URL. It’s easier than it sounds. I can help you with it.

      • Oh hey Adrian. Yes, you’re right about that. So “technically” you fulfilled what I asked, you “bought your domain name.”

        But functionally, for this semester and even more for beyond that, it’s not as easy an address as we’d like. I’m guessing you were clicking around and somehow “.com” sort of morphed into “dotcom1.com” and you got that URL.

        I would recommend contacting WordPress.com support immediately and explaining that what you really want is adrianherrera4.com and can they help you fix that. Then can do it, but please contact them IMMEDIATELY. Like RIGHT NOW. Time is of the essence in getting them to fix this.

        It shouldn’t be too hard to have them straighten it our for you and adrianherrera4.com will be nicer to use.

        LMK if you need any help.

        Thanks Adrian!

    • Hi Jaimini!

      We’re actually not using generic “me.wordpress.com” URL’s this semester. I have asked everyone to buy a personalized domain like “me.com” for their ePortfolio.

      You can still use the same website you already setup. Just go:

      Dashboard >> Store >> My Domains >> Register or Map a Domain

      To register .com and some others costs $18

    • Great Lauren, you’re on the roster! 🙂

      What are you confused about Lauren? How can I help?

      If you scroll up to the top of this page, there are 2 videos… the 2nd one is how to make your site “better”, so if you’re confused, don’t worry about that one for now.

      The first video on this page pretty much shows everything I think you need to post your 2 interviews from last week (1 artist & 1 classmate)

      Give it a try, and LMK if I can help with anything.

    • Hi Youness!

      We’re actually not using generic “me.wordpress.com” URL’s this semester. I have asked everyone to buy a personalized domain like “me.com” for their ePortfolio.

      You can still use the same website you already setup. Just go:

      Dashboard >> Store >> My Domains >> Register or Map a Domain

      To register .com and some others costs $18

  2. Glenn i can’t upload my Vlog still. every time i try to upload it says invalid type and i tried from my computer. phone. and iPad. i have also changed the format of the video. idk what to do cause wordpress just won’t let me upload any video?
    i literally took a whole new video on my phone using the wordpress app and it still didn’t even work?
    so frustrated please help

  3. Hey Slade, sorry for your frustration! 🙁

    You can’t upload video TO WordPress, but you can upload to Vimeo or YouTube. If you’re having trouble, the easiest thing is just to open YT on your Laptop or Phone and hit RECORD NOW and talk straight into YT. Then you just take your link and “embed” it on your blog.

    • Hi Abdullah. We are not using “.wordpress.com” URLs. I’ve asked for the last 6 weeks that you buy your own domain name. If you haven’t done this yet, you aren’t looking good for passing this course. I suggest dropping ASAP.

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