Snapchat drawing of the Brotman Hall fountain at CSULB as a pool party

Wk 4 Graffiti Writing

Blue Banner with "Spring '16" in yellow letters

Snapchat drawing of the Brotman Hall fountain at CSULB as a pool party

Snapchat drawing by Katherine Pantoja


Through the end of Week 3 we’ve had a total of 175 points available. Here’s how many points you should have on BeachBored now to be on track for each grade level:

175 points = 100% = “A+” – 33 peeps
157 points = 90% = “A” – 62 peeps – 62+33 = 95
140 points = 80% = “B” – 14 peeps
122 points = 70% = “C” – 7 peeps
105 points = 60% = “D” – 9 peeps
104 points & below = “F” – 3 peeps

Based on these projected grades, the current overall class GPA is 3.46 – pretty good, but I’m sure we can do even better! 🙂

Extra Credit

1. Venice Beach

+40 EC
The best place to paint is at the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls. Just about everyone who has ever gone has had a great time. Yes it’s far. Yes, I know you hate to drive. Just paint at home for full credit, or go to the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls to paint for +40 EC. Include pix of you with your painting at the Venice Art Walls.

2. Wall Writers

+40 EC
Attend Screening – ask a question – write a blog post about the film and the Director’s talk.

Film screening of Wall Writers, directed by Roger Gastman. The Director will be there to talk about the film and answer questions afterward.

Tuesday February 9th, 5pm – UT 108 (University Theater)


Film Synopsis:
Before artists such as Banksy and Shepard Fairey became household names, there were graffiti pioneers who were responsible for adding such things as the first ever crown or arrow to their moniker beginning the evolution of style.

Wall Writers: Graffiti in its Innocence is a documentary film and 350+ page companion book. Both film and book were conceived and directed by Roger Gastman. Legendary filmmaker John Waters narrates the documentary and the book’s forward is written by acclaimed artist Barry McGee.

Graffiti and street art today are largely considered the rock n’ roll of visual art, and Wall Writers is the story of its birth from Philadelphia and New York City during 1967 to 1973. Wall Writers is an exclusive account of the beginnings of the largest art movement of the Twentieth Century. No one has been able to tell this story until now, because no one could get complete access to the full cast of the movement’s originators featured in this film. Most of these artists have given their first ever on-camera interviews for this project. Wall Writers offers a once-in-a-lifetime look at the origin of graffiti and street art that continues to capture the imaginations of young people the world over.

Wall Writers explores graffiti’s eruption into the mainstream society during a period of social turmoil in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, and takes a closer look not only at early graffiti’s place on the wall but its place in the culture of the time. Featuring unprecedented access to and exclusive interviews with graffiti’s originators CORNBREAD, TAKI 183, LSD OM, and more than a two-dozen others.Testimonies from journalists, historians and politicians who bore witness to the wall-writing revolution are also included in the film.

More comprehensive than anything on this subject, Wall Writers explores not only early graffiti writing itself but the writers creating it and the culture that drove them to write — be it a need to rebel against the government, to pass a message, or simply be recognized by society. The film’s exclusive interviews are coupled with rare photographs and archival footage, most of which have never been seen on screen before and serve as historical reference points as well as evidence of early graffiti that was buffed away decades ago.

From graffiti’s humble beginnings in 1967 to the first painting being sold in 1973, Wall Writers reveals the context of the start of a movement that would eventually grow to transform city life, public transit, public art, and ultimately visual art the world over.

Roger Gastman Bio:
No stranger to ambitious art initiatives, Gastman is perhaps best known for co-curating Art in the Streets at the Museum of Contemporary Art in 2011, the first national comprehensive survey of graffiti and street art with an attendance of over 250,000. Connecting cultures and further aiding the advancement of contemporary art led to his involvement in the acclaimed film by Banksy, Exit Through the Gift Shop.
Gastman went on to produce multiple books and films and in 2013 he curated PUMP ME UP: D.C. subculture of the 1980s, an exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. in conjunction with the release of The Legend of COOL “DISCO” DAN, the feature documentary he co-directed. His recent exhibition, Cruel Summer in New York City, was featured in two gallery locations and included an electrifying cast of artists, from contemporaries such as Shepard Fairey, Maya Hayuk and HuskMitNavn to graffiti legends Blade and Haze.

3. LA Art Book Fair ’16 – 11-14 Feb

+50 EC

Visit the LA Art Book Fair at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Take photos and write about your experience for +50 EC. The event is free on Feb 12-14. The Thursday night reception on Feb 11 is US$10.

4. Photo Walk Leader

+20 EC
Details in class today

Wk 4 Discuss!

  • Bomb It

Group 1

  1. Crysta Tim
  2. Madison Braverman
  3. Daniella Garcia
  4. Christopher Moore
  5. Tiffany Tran
  6. Adilene Leon

Group 2

  1. Valerie Laslo
  2. Tyler Kedis
  3. Elizabeth Moledo
  4. Annie Ronning
  5. Kyle Shishido
  6. Katherine Shinno

Group 3

  1. John Stouras
  2. Jing Huan Ooi
  3. Sam Tan
  4. Aaron Satterfield
  5. Tiffany Van Gilder
  6. Ngozi Ekwedike

Group 4

  1. Leslie Echiveste
  2. Katherine Pantoja
  3. Jayson Fields
  4. Eduardo Castillo
  5. Destiny Farihi
  6. Tareena Woods

Group 5

  1. Symon Pallett
  2. RaVen Montgomery
  3. Nicole Chovit
  4. Julio Garcia
  5. Haley Anderson
  6. Florenz Francis Baltazar

Group 6

  1. Charles WAtson
  2. Amber Bolden
  3. Aaron Dela Rosa
  4. William Luna
  5. Shannon McGuinness
  6. Reuben William Dyce

Group 7

  1. Regan Cameron
  2. Rebekah Johnson
  3. Christopher Williams
  4. Christopher Chadwick
  5. Biance Dominguez
  6. Anthony Sanchez

Group 8

  1. Molly Poyer
  2. Mia Miller
  3. Maria Barreda
  4. Jamie Filosa
  5. Francisco Miranda
  6. Elida Ramirez

Group 9

  1. Dorothyrose McMahon
  2. Devon Carus
  3. David Brown
  4. Colleen Siongco
  5. Cassandra Topete
  6. Xiomara Barnes

Group 10

  1. Peter Bay
  2. Oscar Alvarez
  3. Leah Perez
  4. Jhonatan Ramos Lopez
  5. Hilario Saucedo
  6. Elihah Yee

Group 11

  1. Cheryl Peng
  2. Carlos Nava
  3. Nancy Tran
  4. Marylin Try
  5. Kordell Tan
  6. Justin Marquez

Group 12

  1. Jennifer Lee
  2. Hunter Mervosh
  3. Gina Householder
  4. Erick Diaz
  5. Brandon Nhem
  6. Natalie Guevara

Group 13

  1. Maison Chiu
  2. Christine Kim
  3. Catherine Chin
  4. Bez Middleton
  5. Anthony Estalilla
  6. Alexander Lucero

Group 14

  1. Lainie Le
  2. Helen Lee
  3. Carlos Cucufate
  4. Rosa Velazquez
  5. Andrew Andrade
  6. Jennifer Garcia

Group 15

  1. Glenda Castillo
  2. Enrique Plascencia
  3. Joshua Hyun
  4. Enrique Vega
  5. Alyssa Castro
  6. Alfonso Madrigal

Group 16

  1. Alanna Godinez
  2. Gabriela Hernandez
  3. Aaron Valenzuela
  4. Margarita Reyna
  5. Dominique Gomez
  6. Francesca Butler

Group 17

  1. Jazlyn Tabar
  2. Jesus Viramontes
  3. Megan Stevens
  4. Valentina Ramirez
  5. Kyu Jung Lee
  6. Ashley Batres

Group 18

  1. Lorena Rubalcava
  2. Cynthia Esquivias
  3. Martin Diaz
  4. Leon Phung
  5. Vanessa Betancourt
  6. Ramtin Yousefi

Group 19

  1. Meng Chu
  2. Hannah Mandias
  3. Jessica Addonizio
  4. Jonathan Behzadian
  5. Carlos Madrigal
  6. Christian Aguirre

Group 20

  1. Jerry Pleitz
  2. Shayenne Prasad
  3. Rejina Hernandez
  4. Marlon Fernandes
  5. Brianna Hastie
  6. Daniella Galindo

Group 21

  1. Kimberly Gutierrez
  2. Gregory Plantenga
  3. Patrick Dong
  4. Daniel Bursch
  5. Sean Hernandez
  6. Ciprian Robielos
  7. Andrew Hana