photo of a box filled with various ephemera

Wk 14 Sketching in the Garden

Blue Banner with "Spring '16" in yellow letters

photo of a box filled with various ephemera

Art Care Package by Gina Householder

Art Experience: Sketching


Thursday, May 12, 2016
10:15AM – 12:15PM

  • School of Art Scavenger Hunt
  • Do not be late.
  • Do not book an airline ticket for May 11.

Points Update

Through the end of Week 13 we’ve had a total of 930 points available. Here’s how many points you should have on BeachBored now to be on track for each grade level:

930 points = 100% = “A+” – 17 peeps
837 points = 90% = “A” – 63 peeps – 17+63 = 80
744 points = 80% = “B” – 23 peeps
651 points = 70% = “C” – 14 peeps
558 points = 60% = “D” – 5 peeps
557 points & below = “F” – 4 peeps

Based on these projected grades, the current overall class GPA is 3.34 which is down from last week’s 3.51 by 0.17

Future Art110

IDK if you will consider yourselves lucky or unlucky but you are the last class to ever take the 100% F2F version of this class!

  • In the Summer I’ll be teaching a 100% online version of the class. It’s pretty cool for peeps who want to travel and still work on their degree.
  • In the Fall I’ll be starting the School of Art’s new Hybrid version of the course. We’ll have 2 sections each half the size of this one. We’ll only meet 1 day a week. What we’re doing on Thursdays this semester will be F2F on Wednesday afternoons in the Fall. What we’re doing on Tuesdays this semester will be online at the day & hour of the student’s choice in the fall.

It’s been great having you guys as the last 100% F2F class. And I’m excited to see how the hybrid format meets student life in 2016. LMK if you have any thoughts or suggestions! And if you’ve liked the class, of course please suggest it to your friends! As you already know, I’ll add everybody, even if the class is already “full”.

Christine Kim & Morgan Moore taking a selfie in the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard

Christine Kim & Morgan Moore

Discussion: Aaron Swartz & Nadya Tolokonnikova

Word OTD: Gestalt

Group 1

Ooi Jing Huan
Crysta Tim
Colleen Siongco
Maddy Braverman
Elijah Yee
Hilario Saucedo
Christine Kim

Group 2

Danielle Dallas
Francisco Miranda
Amber Bolden
Gina Householder
Lanie Le
Katherine Shinno
Leon Phung

Group 3

Brianna Hastie
Dominique Gomez
Alfonso Madrigal
Tyler Kedis
Tiffany Van Gilder
Jennifer Lee
Florenz Francis Baltazar

Group 4

Ashley Batres
Jayson Fields
Haley Anderson
Sam Tan
Destiny Farihi
Nancy Tran

Group 5

Molly Poyer
Julio Garcia
John Stouras
Enrique Vega
Cheryl Peng
William Luna

Group 6

Valentina Ramirez
Jhonatan Ramos
Danielle Garcia
Shannon McGuinness
Helen Lee
Anthony Sanchez

Group 7

Reuben William Dyce
Jennifer Garcia
Jesus Viramontes
Christopher Chadwick
Ngozi Ekwedike
Katherine Pantoja

Group 8

Tareena Woods
Valerie Laslo
Glenda Castillo
Aaron Dela Rosa
Maison Chiu
Enrique Plascencia

Group 9

Tiffany Tran
Eduardo Castillo
Bianca Dominguez
Charles Watson
Cassandra Topete
Elizabeth Moledo

Group 10

Symone Pallett
Rebekah Johnson
Carlos Nava
Devon Carus
Gabriela Hernandez
Andrew Andrade

Group 11

Kordell Tan
Natalie Guevara
Kyle Shishido
Elida Ramirez
Alana Godinez
Meng-Hsuan Chu

Group 12

Rejina Hernandez
Alyssa Castro
Leah Perez
Jamie Filosa
Carlos Cucufate
Annie Ronning

Group 13

Christopher Williams
Hannah Mandias
Dorothyrose McMahon
Justin Marquez
Joshua Hyun
Peter Bay

Group 14

Vanessa Betancourt
Erick Diaz
Leslie Echiveste
Adilene Leon
Francesca Butler
Alexander Lucero

Group 15

Aaron Valenzuela
Bez Middleton
David Brown
Mia Miller
Aaron Satterfield
Cynthia Esquivias

Group 16

Rosa Velasquez
Catherine Chin
Marilyn Try
Megan Stevens
Xiomara Brenes
Jonathan Behzadian

Group 17

Oscar Alvarez
Christopher Moore
Ramtin Yousefi
Martin Diaz
Brandon Nhem
Jessica Addonizio
Shayenne Prasad

Group 18

Gregory Plantenga
Daniel Bursch
Nicole Chovit
Regan Cameron
Ciprian Robielos
Margarita Reyna
Anthony Estalilla

Group 19

Kimberly Gutierrez
RaVen Montgomery
Lorena Rubalcava
Maria Barreda
Jazzlyn Tabar
Marlon Fernandes
Patrick Dong

Group 20

Jerry Pleitez
Hunter Mervosh
Christian Aguirre
Daniella Galindo
Andrew Hana
Kyu Jung Lee
Carlos Madrigal