Janis Vernier holding the words "Fresh Janis" painted in Green on Pink on a long narrow board

Wk 6: Zines & Flip Books!



Need Help?

  1. Ask online
  2. Come to before class OH on Wed 11:30-12:30 @Robek’s / Coffee Bean umbrella tables
  3. I can go to AS-120 (AS building is next to The Beach Hut, next to The Library) after class on Wed, at 3:45 and help anyone with anything.
  4. Make an appointment to meetup another time

Points on BeachBored

All points through Week 5 are now up on BeachBored. Be sure to check your points and know where you stand! So far we’ve had 265 points possible. Here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level, and how many peeps in 1p / 2:30 are currently at each grade level:

A = 239 points – 54 / 47
B = 212 points – 6 / 4
C = 186 points – 2 / 4
D = 159 points – 0 / 1
F = 158 points – 3 / 6

  • 1p GPA = 3.66
  • 2:30 GPA = 3.39


Top 5 @1pm:

  1. Stephanie Arciva, 338
  2. Hannah Adams, 324
  3. Maritess Anne Inieto, 320
  4. Carlos Villicana, 306
  5. Janis Vernier, 299

Top 5 @2:30:

  1. Lydia Chang, 381
  2. Nathan Davalos, 353
  3. Jamie Van, 340
  4. Yesenia Hernandez, 339
  5. Adriana Maciel, 317

Wk 6: Zines & Flip Books

Beautiful work on last week’s Graffiti Writing activity. Scroll down for cool samples!

This week we’re on to Zines & Flip Books. Actually Zines OR Flip Books, you only have to pick one! 😀

Blame Lydia

College is about pressure. Am I right? So many hoops to jump through. Expectations to live up to. Exams to stress over. New things to fail at. Who needs it!?

So there you are, minding your own business, making awesome “ID Cards” with illustrations on one side and stream-of-consciousness narratives on the other. Do you think that some nutty professor will like them so much that he decides the whole class should now start making zines? No, you don’t. Then when the nutty professor does decide that everybody has to make zines just because your ID Cards are cool, who should we blame? Obviously, the nutty professor. Oh, but there’s just one catch: why blame him, when you can blame Lydia!

(or, you know, hopefully you’ll have a lot of fun and then you can thank Lydia!)

some zines from Tiny Splendor Press that I bought at Small World Books

some zines from Tiny Splendor Press that I bought at Small World Books

Full Details on the Zines & Flip Books page:

We’re going to split the classes in 1/2 this week, the first half of the roster will meet upstairs in our FA4-311 classroom for the first half of the class, and the 2nd half of the roster will be downstairs at the galleries. Then in the 2nd 1/2 hour we’ll switch.

Down at the galleries you’ll have another great Artist Conversation!

Up in the classroom I’ll help you make Zines and Flip Books. I’ll bring needles and thread so you can sew your books. It’s pretty easy to do – don’t worry! 😀

Wednesday Schedule

Upstairs 1-1:30 & @Galleries 1:30-2p

  1. Abigail Manuel
  2. Adrian Munoz
  3. Aleah Lomeli
  4. Alex Miramontes
  5. Ali Garawi
  6. Allison Cruz
  7. Amanda Martinez
  8. Amy Song
  9. Ana Maya
  10. Andrew Nguyen
  11. Andy Bui
  12. Araceli Lozano
  13. Brian Sath
  14. Briana Garcia
  15. Bryan Aparicio
  16. Carlos Villicana
  17. Christian Gallo
  18. Christopher Yuen
  19. Cindy Le
  20. Damonte Ford
  21. Daniel Puentes ?
  22. Daniel Schmitz
  23. Daniel Velazquez
  24. Demi Kong
  25. Esmeray Lopez
  26. Evan Burton
  27. Hannah Adams
  28. Jacqueline Sanchez
  29. Janis VernierPortfolio Site
  30. Jasmine Figueroa
  31. Jennifer Mendoza ?
  32. John Savage

@Galleries 1-1:30 & Upstairs 1:30-2p

  1. Jonathan Girgis
  2. Joy Uba
  3. Juan Vasquez
  4. Kaya Quarles
  5. Kayla Tafoya-Sablan
  6. Laura Lockett
  7. Linda-Linh Nguyen
  8. Lukas Fuentes
  9. Marcelo Ceballos Jr.
  10. Maritess Inieto
  11. Marlene Rodriguez
  12. Marysol Jimenez
  13. Melissa Rios
  14. Monica Lock
  15. Monique Alcala
  16. Natalie Santana
  17. Nhi Truong
  18. Nickolas Lemmerman
  19. Patricia Avendano
  20. Raylyn Diep
  21. Rei Joseph Cayabyab
  22. Roxana Chavez
  23. Samuel De La Cruz
  24. Selena Lara
  25. Shalane Holm
  26. Stephanie Arciva
  27. Stephen de Villa
  28. Tina Nguyen
  29. Tina Tran
  30. Tommy Duong
  31. Vincent Santos
  32. Yonathan Sahle
  33. Yuliana Torres

Upstairs 2:30-3p & @Galleries 3p – 3:30

  1. Adriana Maciel
  2. Alfredo Gonzalez
  3. Alfredo Reyes
  4. Alyssa Bui
  5. Amy Becerra
  6. Amy Pham
  7. Ana Gomez
  8. Arvan Arguelles
  9. Belen Barragan
  10. Brandon Hong
  11. Bunny Horn
  12. Claudia Sanchez
  13. Daniel Martinez
  14. Darryl Nguyen
  15. David Lai
  16. Emily Tomasello
  17. Erika Perez
  18. Faisal Alotaibi
  19. Fatima Negrete-Farias
  20. Felix Huynh
  21. Gabriel Gonzalez
  22. Giancarlo Vento
  23. Gustavo Portillo
  24. Hailei Reyes
  25. Henry Pham
  26. Jacqueline Nguyen ?
  27. Jamie Van
  28. Janett Moctezuma
  29. Jazmin Mejia
  30. Jessica ObriquePortfolio Site
  31. Jillian Ayala

@Galleries 2:30-3p & Upstairs 3p – 3:30

  1. Jose Perez
  2. Juli Yoshinaga
  3. Justin Pena
  4. Justin Pham
  5. Leslie Meza
  6. Linney Sar
  7. Lizzy Stiller
  8. Lourdes Sandoval
  9. Lydia Chang
  10. Maria Leon
  11. Marissa Sar
  12. Mark Nguyen
  13. Megan Chung
  14. Megan Salinas
  15. Melissa Passarelli
  16. Nathan Davalos
  17. Nkechi Okoroma
  18. Noe Sandoval
  19. Pamela Ajoste
  20. Pichantha Malina Im
  21. Raul Silva-Pizano
  22. Reyna Real
  23. Ruiwen Lin
  24. Samantha Gomez
  25. Savannah Avalos
  26. Stephanie Valdivia
  27. Tiffany Phan
  28. Timothy Chung ?
  29. Valeria Gonzalez
  30. Yesenia Hernandez
  31. Zack Ngov

Graffiti Writing

It was great seeing some of you at the Venice Art Walls on Saturday! And lots of awesome work from peeps who painted at home or other places:

Amanda Martinez and her dog Tofu in front of the name "Amanda" painted in bubble letters on a large sheet of cardboard

Tofu ‘n Amanda – takin back the street

Growing up on the streets was always tough, living in the shadows of other well-known artists. Today I decided to make a name for myself and my girl Tofu. We wanted to start small in an alley trying to figure out how to blend in so we don’t get caught. We want people to know who we are, however we don’t want to get stuck behind bars. That’s why Tofu was on the lookout for anyone suspicious walking by as my viscous guard dog while I was tagging up the wall. She paced back and forth as I was marking our territory for everyone to see. No one thought we would make it here, but we will show them we have every right.

A small brawl broke out at the opening of the alley between two other well-known graffiti artists Daniel and Marcelo. Afraid that they would find out it was us who was on their turf marking up their spot, Tofu and I snapped a few pics and snuck on by unscathed. We are hoping to get out name in a few more alleys this next week so hopefully it goes smoothly. Tofu is almost ready to put her name out there for the world to see but her fur makes her too noticeable so we are working on some sort of dark attire for her to wear when it is not as hot outside. There will be updates about Tofu’s costume soon!

Amanda Martinez

the name "Daniel" in blue spray paint with a black outline and against a background of yellow and green on a large sheet of cardboard

Daniel Schmitz

Spraying a nice, thick, even coat of paint on a metal object turned out to be surprisingly different from writing my name on cardboard with the same paint. I ended up doing this activity with a few friends from the same class, and ended up sharing our paint colors.

Daniel Schmitz

3 large sheets of cardboard with the spray painted names "Amanda, Marcelo, Daniel"

Esmeray Lopez standing over a low wall where her name is painted in bubble letters at Sunken City in San Pedro, CA

Esmeray Lopez

This was something I always wanted to do but never really got around to doing it and I’m glad we got to do it for class. I was going to go to Venice but I ended up finding a cool place in San Pedro called Sunken City. Pretty cool place with lots of rocks over the ocean with lots of graffiti writing so I figured why not make myself part of it! I had so much fun writing my name that my inner chola came out when it came down to taking my picture hahaha. My favorite art experience so far.

Esmeray Lopez

Hannah Adams standing in front of a large sheet of plywood with her name written on it in spray paint and with a dragon head trying to eat the beginning "H"

Hannah Adams

Graffiti writing was a project I never expected to take so much interest in. I thought the simple act of writing my name in a unique way would hardly interest me artistically. I’ve never used spray paint, or practiced the art of graffiti writing, so I didn’t know that I was really going to enjoy it. The scale of the art work I deal with is measured in centimeters. I use pens with a width no more than 0.25 mm. I have always prided myself on the detail of my pieces, so this project was quite a change for me. But I found it was exhilarating to work on a piece so much larger and rougher than my standard works. I could put my whole body into this picture, instead of just the smallest muscles of my hand. I had to make my piece unique, though. So I included a simple dragon head and wing around my piece to frame it. I hope I get the opportunity to do art on a large scale again since this project was so successful.

Hannah Adams

Janis Vernier holding the words "Fresh Janis" painted in Green on Pink on a long narrow board

Janis Vernier

I was blessed to have the wonderful complementary colors “Shocking Pink” and “Acid Green” in my Artbucket. That’s why I decided to go Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-Style and I made a Logo to match with the typo of this 90s series, that I really loved as a teenager. B-)

Janis Vernier

Linda-Linh Nguyen in front of her name on a wall at the Venice Beach, CA Art Walls

Linda-Linh Nguyen

Never in my life did I imagine myself going out to graffiti a wall. Albeit, it was legal to do but still, if anyone told small and younger past me that I’d one day go out to graffiti a wall in Venice there’s a 10/10 chance that I would’ve laughed and disagreed (because I’m a total goody goody). Yet, here I am pictured next to my first (and probably not last) graffiti piece at the Venice Art Walls. The experience was daunting at first as I examined all the wonderful works done by people with just cans of spray paint–I didn’t think I could do anything that was worthy to be on the same wall as theirs but I gave it a shot anyway and had a blast! After finishing my graffiti work, I explored Venice Beach a little and one of my stops was Small World Books which is where I found a book on Donald Trump that gave me a good laugh. Small World Books was such a cute and comfy place with its own residential cat! Venice Beach is one of the most lively and diverse places I’ve been too and I’ll definitely be coming back in the near future!

Linda-Linh Nguyen

Roxana Chavez holding a piece of plywood with her name spray painted in bubble letters and polka-dots

Roxana Chavez

Seeing graffiti writing on walls looks really easy to make, however when its the other way around it can be a little difficult to do… I used a long piece of wood that my dad had just sitting around in the back yard… Back when I was in middle school I used to be a pro at bubble letters and block letters… Thanks to YouTube I was able to refresh my skills… After I finished I added some polkadots around my name… I am pleased with my writing but I have to say Graffiti writing is not as easy as it looks. I have to to admit I never took much consideration as to how graffiti writing is created and I can now say it is very precise.

Roxana Chavez

wide landscape shot of Sunken City on the California Coast

Sunken City, San Pedro, CA / Adriana Maciel

graffiti writing painting of a very detailed human eye on a piece of concrete rubble on the ground at Sunken City, San Pedro, CA

Sunken City, San Pedro, CA / Adriana Maciel

I asked my brother to go with me to Sunken City… Sunken City is a place where kids go to drink, smoke, and paint. It is a really beautiful place because it is the result of a landslide that happened a really long time ago where PCH broke off and the concrete keeps sinking each year. It overlooks the water and it is a really nice view of the city of San Pedro. I’ve gone there with my friends previously but I had never painted and I was intimidated because honestly, there are some really really nice paintings on the rocks there.

My brother and I got there and there were a lot of people their hanging out with their friends and there were even people there having photoshoots which was cool. We wandered a little, but I was FREAKING out because of course I would bring sandals to the most rockiest and uneven place on Earth………..but anyways, it took me a while to find a rock with no writing on it ( I didn’t want to destroy someone else’s art with mine) and I think it turned out pretty cool! I should have experimented with the spray caps though because I found the wide one towards the end! Graffiti writing was pretty easy and I feel like it gave me an adrenaline rush because I just wanted to do more and more art while I was there.

Adriana Maciel

the name "dreeezy" in spray paint

Adriana Maciel

two cans of Montana Gold spray paint, in the colors"Black Magic" and "Vampirella"

Claudia Sanchez

a sketch on brown craft paper of Claudia Sanchez' name "Claudia" in bubble letters

Claudia Sanchez

This was so much fun! I had been having a super stressful day and I purposely saved this activity for last just in case I needed it to relieve some weekend buildup. And it worked! First of all I LOVED my spray paint names “Blue Magic” & “Vampirella”. That last one gives me the burgundy, fall, deep passion, color that is perfect for fall season fashion. Right ladies??? LOVE IT! I first started off with a quick sketch of my name, but to be honest I wanted to freehand the big piece. Then I just kind of went for it. The tips worked very well, except for 2 that i could simply NOT get to work. Different tips allowed for slightly different styles. I added simple details to each letter and just simply went for it. I had a blast doing this, it really did make me want to find a random wall and just go crazy with doodles. I know its weird but I also love the rattle sound the can makes when you shake it. Its like an anticipation builder. I had some music by The Smiths playing in the background and had my doggies as company, although i had to shoo them away a few times because i was afraid of the paint fumes. But overall this was a fun, awesome activity. I feel like now I understand why some people just LOVE THIS! this can be very addicting.

Claudia Sanchez

"Claudia" in spray paint

Claudia Sanchez

Janett Moctezuma in front of one of the Art Walls at Venice Beach, CA, where the words Cochi and Janett are painted in yellow and black spray paint

Janett Moctezuma

This week I had the opportunity of doing this awesome graffiti writing activity at Venice Beach. I brought my boyfriend along and we met up with classmates and Professor Zucman from Art110. At first I didn’t know where to start because I felt bad painting over someone else’s work. Also, this was my first time doing graffiti writing so I didn’t know how to start. My boyfriend started painting the face of a pig and then as I got comfortable I began to work on my piece. I did my name with yellow and black spray paint. I first began writing my name in black and then I outlined it with the yellow spray paint, giving it a bubble style. I was quiet surprised on how my piece came out because it looked pretty cool given that it was my first time doing this. I felt even better when two of my classmates said they liked the work my boyfriend and I had done. Overall, I really enjoyed doing this fun activity and now my boyfriend and I are planning on going to the Venice Art Walls again next week to do more graffiti writing.

Janett Moctezuma

Janett Moctezuma standing in front of many zines and other small, local publications at Small World Books on the boardwalk at Venice Beach, CA

Janett Moctezuma / Zine rack @ Small World Books

Jessica Obrique sitting in front of "Jess Monkey" which consists of her name "Jess" in red letters with black and gold outlines, and under the letters a sort of monkey mouth that uses the "es" from Jess as its face. Venice Legal Art Walls, Venice Beach, CA

Jessica Obrique

This week’s activity included me, graffiti cans, and the Venice Art Walls! I carpooled with my friend Yesenia to Venice Beach and it was such a beautiful place. Everything was so lively! We walked across the sand and down to the walls and I was blown away. There was so much color and so much art, I absolutely loved it. Getting started was a little intimidating, but once I formed my first letter it became so addicting. I spelled out “Jess” although it’s not completely legible haha. I decided to continue off my name and turn it into a monkey king. I’m actually kinda proud of how it turned out. I named it “Jess Monkey”. I’ve got to say all of these activities have been so much fun, but this one really takes the cake. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 10. I would definitely do it again!

Jessica Obrique

Nathan Davalos in front of "Nate" painted in yellow and purple on the Venice Art Walls

Nathan Davalos

I love the fact that any artist can go down to the beach to express what they love without being chased by the police. When looking for a spot to write my name on the walls, I was a little nervous because I had never experienced using spray cans and I did not want to cover/ruin any of the beautiful art that was already on the walls. I finally found a spot on the cone that I would hardly cover up someone else’s art. As you can see in the above pictures, I did not write out my full name, Nathan, because I was having trouble writing my “H” in bubble letters. After finishing my name, I felt more comfortable and wanted to do more than just my name. I found some other spots on the walls where I could do more graffiti writing. After that, my girlfriend wanted to give it a shot. She painted some flowers that came out beautiful.

After the both of us used up most of the paint in our cans, we decided to go watch some of the skateboarding that was going on in the skate park. We were mostly focusing in on Isaiah, one of the best skaters at the park. Everyone in Venice is so passionate about what they do. We then headed to Small World Books to check out all the awesome zines.

When we finished looking at the zines, we walked down the strip and we spotted a big crowd surrounding a huge group of guys that were dancing. It was there where we realized that the skateboarder, Isaiah, was also one of the dancers in the performance. The street performers put on a great show. When that was over, we walked over to the LA Louvre Gallery for a little bit. After hours of being out in the sun, we began to feel tired and worn out, so we decided to call it a day and returned home. My first trip to Venice Beach was so enjoyable and entertaining. I really like the vibe in Venice because it is just so lively and everyone is so full of energy. I will definitely make a trip back soon!

Nathan Davalos

hands holding several zines at the zine rack at Small World Books in Venice, CA

Nathan Davalos / Small World Books

Nathan Davalos inside the LA Louvre Gallery

Nathan Davalos / LA Louvre Gallery / David Hockney, Yosemite Suite, iPad drawings printed on paper

Raul Silva painting the name "Raul" in orange letters on a stone at Sunken City, San Pedro, CA

Raul Silva

What dictated the actual slab I would use was the shade of a palm tree. It was too hot to be in the sun while doing work. Having only painted on clean, mostly smooth surfaces, I did not take into consideration that the dust and texture of the concrete slab would absorb the paint like sponges. I realized how much paint is needed to do graffiti so now I see these huge graffiti murals and can’t even imagine the quantity of spray cans that they use.

Most of my time for school is dedicated to mathematics and my thoughts are most clear when I have a large white board in front of me. The same thing happened here: there was a sense of freedom to be able to make a section of the environment a part of you. Of course I couldn’t help but solve a math problem on one of the slabs with spray paint. It was not photographed because it was not the most neat work.

My long time friend Laritza joined me doing some work of her own switching up the colors with a green body orange outline and picking a more square font. She enjoyed the process and having never been to the location she was in awe because of the beautiful work and scenery.

We then spent time browsing and climbing the art work as this kind of work is one of the few where its displays are so interactive and can be touched, climbed and altered freely. She was surprised that this was a school assignment. We both never imagined something school related could be this much fun.

Raul Silva

wide shot looking down on the rubble and the ocean at Sunken City, San Pedro, CA

Raul Silva

Raul's friend Laritza sanding high atop a large rock and rubble tower with lots of graffiti on it at Sunken City, San Pedro, CA

Raul Silva

Ruiwen Lin in front of a stencil painted Pikachu at the Venice Art Walls

Ruiwen Lin

By the way, there were so many PokeStops and unusual Pokemon to catch!

Ruiwen Lin

Savannah Avalos with a bandanna over her mouth to block paint fumes, works on a spray painting of her name "Savannah" in pink letters on a purple board

Savannah Avalos

Luckily, pink was one of the colors I got in my art kit. It’s my favorite color and I don’t see how I could have possibly done this project if I wasn’t working with my favorite color. It’s, like, a big deal, or something.

I didn’t know where to start, so I figured I’d paint the whole board blue to get myself a background.
After the first squirt of paint hit the board, I realized that the beach would have been a MUCH better place to do this. There wasn’t much of a breeze, so the smell was strong. I looked at my boyfriend with puppy dog eyes, looking for sympathy.”Do I have to do this?”

I still didn’t know what to do, so I just dove right into spelling my name. Then realized that I REALLY had no idea what I was doing. I tried out the different can tips on the back of the board to familiarize myself with them, but I was still lost. The S came out blurry, and I made it too big. Once I got the rest of my letters on the board, I decided flowers would be a good idea. Even better, I wanted to make them purple, so I tried to mix the pink and blue to create something new out of what I have, which is artistic, right?

I couldn’t get purple. As you can see, I got frustrated. Under that concentrated amount of blue paint was a flower, a very ugly morphed flower. The paint from my name was starting to drip because I’ve never worked with spray paint before, but I liked the way it looked, so I went with it. And, of course, turned the S into a dollar sign because, why not?

I’m actually happy with my final product. If Chris wouldn’t mind me taking over our room with my girly things, I’d put it on the wall. But for now, it’s probably going to sit on the patio until the weather ruins it.

Savannah Avalos

Yesenia & Jessica in front of their names, "Yessi" and "Jess" on the art walls at Venice Beach, CA

Yesenia Hernandez & Jessica Obrique

Yessi the tagger.

I love graffiti. It is an underappreciated and misunderstood form of art. I was excited about this week’s art activity. I had a friend take this class 4 years ago and she invited me along when she had to do this activity. I went along with her and even painted. I always said I would take this class just to do this activity and here I am. Coincidentally, just this week I had the picture of me and my friend doing this activity pop up on Facebook saying “hey you posted this 4 years ago”. I thought that was great timing.

I went to Venice Beach with sister and friend. Venice is such a cool and weird place. The culture here is different but in a good way. After creating some art and having some good iced tea – Thanks Professor Zucman! – we decided to walk and check Venice Beach out. We did not walk far before we were attracted by some street performers, the cool group of 10 or so guys who dance and do cool B-Boy tricks. The show was about an hour. The sun burned our backs and I got a tan but we watched the entire performance. They were hilarious!

I had other commitments so we had to leave. However, we all agreed we had to come back to graffiti on the walls and hang in Venice Beach.

Yesenia Hernandez

Art Talk OTW

  1. 3 Million Years of Art History
  2. Joseph DeLappe
  3. Mahsa Soroudi
  4. The Mind in the Cave
  5. Graffiti Writing: Bomb It
  6. Classical Greece & Rome

This week we’re back on our Art History timeline. Let’s look at Classical Art! As you might already know, Classical art and culture from Greece and Rome still has a huge influence on us today. For Western Culture, Classical Greece & Rome have defined so much:

Classical Greece

Classical Rome

Bonus Videos! 😀

You want more, right!? In the Classical Rome video I talk about the Typeface or Font, “Trajan”. I mention that it’s been used for a lot of movie posters. Here’s the video:

And as long as “we” (or “I” anyway) are geeking out on fonts…

The type foundry House Industries in Delaware created a font called Neutraface, inspired by legendary Austrian-American architect Richard Neutra. He spent the majority of his life living and building in Southern California. Jason Kinney and some of his graphic design friends in Portland loved Neutraface so much that they made this video celebrating it: