Shalane & Josh's engagement pix!

Wk 15 – Shalane’s getting married! (+Finger Painting & Last Week ‘o Class)


Adrian Munoz & Maritess Inieto in a black-and-white, muted silver-ish SnapChat image with purple, round, wire-rim glasses superimposed over Inieto

Adrian Munoz & Maritess Inieto


Need Help?

  1. Ask online
  2. Come to before class OH on Wed 11:30-12:30 @Robek’s / Coffee Bean umbrella tables
  3. I can go to AS-120 (AS building is next to The Beach Hut, next to The Library) after class on Wed, at 3:45 and help anyone with anything.
  4. Make an appointment to meetup another time
Yonathan Sahle & Allison Cruz in CSULB Classroom FA4-311 in the School of Art

Yonathan Sahle & Allison Cruz

The Final!

Don’t forget, The California State University at Long Beach requires me to give a final, and requires you to attend it!

  • 1pm Final is Monday Dec 12, 12:30-2:30 in the SOA Gallery Courtyard
  • 2:30 Final is Wednesday Dec 14, 2:45-4:45 in the SOA Gallery Courtyard

The Final will be: Art Games!

  1. Do not be late.
  2. Do not book an airline ticket for December 11

You can check the final schedule for Art110, or any other class here.

Final Teams

Both classes will be divided into 8 teams for the final. For team leaders, we’ll use the Top 8 in each class from this week’s leaderboard. Teams can have up to 7 peeps each, or the leader plus 6 more. If you want to be on a team, just message the team leader of your choice, who will either say “OK,” or let you know if their team is already full. Also team leaders can ask anyone they like to be on their team.

To message a team leader, you can leave a comment on their website, their names are linked below. Or you can email them via the roster page on BeachBored. Leaders can recruit members via BeachBored, or by using the roster page here on BeachArts.

Team Leaders

We’re using the Top 8 in each class as the leaders for each team. We have 1 new team leader for 2:30: Jessica Obrique. I know there were a number of peeps at 2:30 who didn’t get on a team, so please message Jessica and join her team.

Team Names!

Team Leaders – please message me with the name of an artist, living or dead, that you’d like to choose for the name of your team.

Pot Luck?

Both classes voted for no food for the final.

Stuff 2 Bring 2 Final

  1. 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper with one letter from the alphabet drawn on it. Not just a skinny pencil or pen line. Make the strokes of the letter 1″ wide or so. Pick any letter you like.
  2. 4 words torn out of magazines or old textbooks you couldn’t sell back. Preferably not super tiny words, but at least 1/2″ letters or so.
Lourdes Sandoval & Ruiwen Lin posing for a selfie in CSULB classroom FA4-311

Lourdes Sandoval & Ruiwen Lin


Here’s our current leaderboard for Week 15! And also our Team Leaders for the final.
Top 8 @1pm:

  1. Hannah Adams, 879
  2. Stephanie Arciva, 819
  3. Maritess Anne Inieto, 807
  4. Melissa Rios, 799
  5. Selena Lara, 783
  6. Brian Sath, 779
  7. Amanda Martinez, 778
  8. Joy Elizabeth Uba, 772

Top 8 @2:30:

  1. Nathan Davalos, 940
  2. Felix Huynh, 845
  3. Zack Ngov, 841
  4. Yesenia Hernandez, 821
  5. Jamie Van, 814
  6. Jessica Obrique, 793
  7. Adriana Maciel, 793
  8. Linney Sar, 792

Points on BeachBored

All points through Week 14 are now up on BeachBored. Be sure to check your points and know where you stand! So far we’ve had 739 points possible. Here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level, and how many peeps in 1p / 2:30 are currently at each grade level:

A = 665 points – 52 / 44
B = 591 points – 8 / 10
C = 517 points – 1 / 0
D = 443 points – 1 / 1
F = 442 points – 3 / 7

  • 1p GPA = 3.62
  • 2:30 GPA = 3.34
Selena Lara & Marysol Jimenez

Selena Lara & Marysol Jimenez

Wk 15 – This Week!

  • Art Talk Discussionat the bottom of this post
  • ActivityFinger Painting
  • Artist Conversation@SOA Galleries
  • Classmate ConversationNone this week
  • Optional EC:Feedback on Art110 & Activities

Artist Conversation

We’re meeting at the SOA Galleries and doing our last Artist Conversation this week. It will be just slightly different this week. All the galleries will have the School of Art, Holiday Art Sale. In the past Gatov East & West has had ceramics, The Dutzi has had fiber art, The Werby has had printmaking and photography, and, hmm, I forget what was in The Merlino. Each gallery will have students there helping with the sale. These students also have work in the sale, and you can ask them where their work is. You can ask them about their work as you always do, and you can optionally also ask about things like selling their work, funding for the arts, artist travel, etc. It should be fun! Buying holiday gifts there is totally optional! 😀

Finger Painting Activity

Our last activity of the semester is Finger Painting. I hope you have fun. Wear an old t-shirt! Full details on our Finger Painting page:

EC: Your Feedback

Submit this as an extra blog post for this week.
I’d love to hear your feedback on the class, and I’ll pay you 15 points of EC for it. A lot of past Art110 students have helped develop the class you just took, and you can help develop an even better version for future students. For our 11 Activities, please list Your 3 Favorite and 3 Least Favorite activities and a few words about what worked or didn’t work in these activities for you. Here’s a reminder of our 11 Activities this semester:

  1. Plaster Casting
  2. Landscapes with a Corpse
  3. Automatic Drawing
  4. Graffiti Writing
  5. Zines & Flip Books
  6. Sketching in the Garden
  7. Art Care Package
  8. Fiber Art Social Network
  9. Vlogs
  10. Instagram
  11. Finger Painting
  • I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the Hybrid Format. Better or worse than F2F / Online?
  • What about the SOA Gallery visits? Artist Conversations? Classmate Conversations?
  • What about these weekly blog posts from me? Is it valuable to see samples of what your classmates did? Or not really necessary?
  • I’ve preached about the value of an ePortfolio. Is this useful? Or just a faculty member ranting about something that mostly doesn’t interest you? What do you think of using WordPress?
  • How about the Art Talk OTW video? Useful? Was discussion on the website good? Would a more interactive discussion space be better?

Thank You!
It’s been great spending this semester with you guys. Thanks so much for being a part of Art110. Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2017, the rest of your time @CSULB… and have a great life! 😀

Claudia Sanchez & Alfredo Gonzalez in CSULB classroom FA4-311

Claudia Sanchez & Alfredo Gonzalez

Last Week:

Instagram Activity

I realized that for the first time in the 3-or-so years that we’ve been doing the IG Activity more peeps have Private Instagrams than Public Instagrams. 3 years ago when I created this activity students were super-excited to be doing an activity with the mobile tools they use in their real lives. But I feel like since then IG has become, at least for Art110, more of a personal/private space and that maybe this project that was cool 3 years ago is a little invasive now. A lot of peeps with private IGs wound up making new accounts for the day. That’s easy and not a big deal of course, but it does feel like we should probably retire this Activity now. This might be the last IG Activity, but it still seemed like most of you enjoyed seeing a little bit of what your classmates’ days look like.

Screen capture of Demi Kong's phone on Instagram with her profile and recent photos

Demi Kong

On Wednesday, November 30th, both Art 110 classes participated in posting photos throughout the day on Instagram using the hashtag #art110f16. Up until I got to class at 1pm, I realized I had been using the wrong hashtag lol. I was using #art110OF16 and was confused as to why I only saw my posts and maybe two others. For this activity, I made a new Instagram so I would not spam my other account with things I would not regularly post. On my new account, “koisurudemi” (which is a reference to AKB48’s song Koisuru Fortune Cookie) I posted random things that I liked. I actually really liked posting random things even if they got no likes so I might keep this account and post pictures that are not relevant to my main account.

As I went through the hashtag, I had fun seeing what everyone else was posting. My personal favorite pictures were pet pictures and seeing what kind of drinks people got at Starbucks. I did feel a sense of community looking through all the pictures because for the most part, we were all on campus that day taking pictures of recognizable places or things and it was interesting seeing these photos from different perspectives. I thought this was a fun activity and I enjoyed seeing what my classmates do outside of class.

Demi Kong

grid display of a couple dozen Instagram images by Lukas Fuentes

Lukas Fuentes

Some of these images are beautiful in their own right, while others may just be okay looking photos of random objects or scenes. BUT, when you smash them all together in this collage type thing that results after searching the hashtag, you get this beautiful series of images. I uploaded two screenshots of differents sections of the images next to each other. I enjoy looking at this set of images as a whole and then going into each individual photo and analyzing them. It’s amazing what can be done with technology and websites like Instagram. I barely used my Instagram before this activity, but this kind of inspired me to be more active on it.

Lukas Fuentes

photo of green and yellow Ginkgo biloba leaves by Marcelo Ceballos

Marcelo Ceballos

This weeks art activity was to use Instagram and document the happenings of your whole day. At first I wasn’t all that jazzed to do this activity because although I do have an Instagram account, I haven’t posted for a long time. That being said I didn’t want to make a bunch of posts all in one day, but this mentality went away after my first post. It just got easier to share the more photos I put up.

Looking at the groups album under the hashtag #art110f16 I found that many people do and were doing very similar things on that Wednesday. Of the pictures above, only the Ginkgo biloba leaves picture is mine, but they all show things that I did or interacted with that day. As someone else did, I interacted with a dog but with one on campus and took a picture. In the second picture, I also went to In-n-Out with friends that day. Before I never really understood why people use hashtags on pictures but now I do. Hashtags really help people to connect and find similar people with similar interests they may have. I now think that Instagram can be a great way to connect and share with others and hopefully I will remember to capture moments to share in the future.

Marcelo Ceballos

photo of Maritess Inieto's black and white checked shoes against a concrete sidewalk

Maritess Anne Inieto

I looked through the hashtag and really enjoyed everyone else’s pictures as well. I felt like their pictures said a lot about their personalities and what they enjoy. I also noticed that a few people take pictures in the same sense that I do. For example, I took pictures of my shoes and so did someone else. I enjoyed doing this activity because it made me look at things that I see on a daily basis in a new light. I think what I enjoyed the most about this activity was seeing how many pets there were. I love animals, so when people were posting about their pets, my heart was warmed. I also loved the wide variety of food that was posted on the hashtag. My mouth was watering! When I was looking at the pictures, I felt like even though everyone was so different, we were still a community. We are all college students who do different things but all come together in this one class. That’s something that I started to truly appreciate about Art 110, that people from a bunch of different majors are coming together and being united.

Maritess Anne Inieto

I don’t use Instagram at all but I made a temporary account for art110 to share some pictures of my day. I posted 4 pictures. My little egg button, a computer, and 2 pictures of thai food. Thai food and computers are my favorite things so I had to include them in there. We were talking in class about this activity and some privacy issues regarding Instagram. I have had some privacy issues in the past so I stay away from all social media now. Doing this project or even blogging about my activities is a bit iffy for me because I don’t like sharing my life publicly anymore. I think this activity was the only one that wasn’t enjoyable for me.

Jessica Obrique

triptych of phone screens showing many different instagram inages

Jillian Ayala

In my own experience of Instagram, or at least from the 559 people I follow, I see a lot of selfies or pictures of people doing things, with less pictures of things about what people are doing or of random things. The posts on our group selfie felt a lot more authentic because they didn’t look like they filtered/edited their photos to try to impress anyone else.

People didn’t really seem to care about a “theme” which is where all photos posted correlate with one another or are filtered/edited in the same way so their posts go together more on their profile.

I saw a lot of different pictures of animals, scenery, or of something they were doing at the time. Its very interesting to see what some of my classmates do or where they go to when they’re not in class. It doesn’t feel very connected as a community because to me it seemed like people were doing their own thing, which is understandable because it is their own Instagram account.

It’s really personal, letting people see what their favorite food is, what they like to do for fun, or just what they enjoy. It’s not something many of us know about each other but it lets each of us connect more on a personal level, as opposed to just getting to know each other during class.

My favorite post had to do with a girl posting photos with a mini hand doing something. I was laughing really hard at them and I can tell we have the same sense of humor. I’ve seen pictures like that all over twitter and it reminded me of funny tweets with the mini hand. Also the animal photos were very cute, I enjoyed seeing everyone’s dogs and those pictures were some of my favorite as well.

Jillian Ayala

Classmate Conversation & EDU@2036

Shalene Holm & Janis Vernier smiling in CSULB classroom FA4-311

Shalene Holm & Janis Vernier

This Wednesday I met Shalane Holm who is a Studio Art major and in her fourth year at CSULB. As we were discussin what the College Experience will be like for a student in 2036, we came to some interesting ideas. First, we considered if the future college Experience will progress after all – regarding some recent politicle events- but since it’s more fun to imagine an utopia, we thought of ways to improve the current situation. One of the ideas was that new Virtual-Reality technique could improve the way we learn in many different ways. It could be used for virtual classrooms where you can choose your teacher and topic independently of your real location. Also It could be used to experience scientifics historical events at first hand. Games like minecraft already have education licenses to be used in class – its very possible that this trend of ingame-learning will go on.

Shalane also mentioned how bad the current parking situation is at the campus – maybe there will be a solution for that in 20 years. There might be big underground parking lots or maybe cars are a thing of the past by then and you can easily use public transportation from wherever you come from.

Last – it is well possible that the american education system will develop towards the scandinavian models which are often praised to be more effective and also less expensive for the state.

Janis Vernier

I talked with Janis Vernier this week. He is from Hamburg, Germany. He did illustration back in Germany, but is taking lots of fun classes like Furniture Design here at CSULB. He has six years of college under his belt so far!

What will college be like in 2036? Janis had some interesting things to say about this. He said that school couldn’t possibly get any more stressful, because students can’t maintain a descent mental health as it is. That means there is not way it could get harder. People would not be able to take it! He also said that it probably won’t get more and more expensive forever. It will plateau at some point. He also toyed with the idea that college will be 100% virtual classrooms! Technological advances will make it more interactive than online classes offered now.

Shalane Holm

Also… OMG… Shalane posted her ridiculously cute engagement pix this week!!

Shalane & Josh's engagement pix!

Shalane’s engagement pix!

Education in 2036

On your ID Card Drawings last week you offered some thoughts on:

Describe what the College Experience will be like for a student in 2036.

Many of you said it will be more, or a lot more, expensive. Just a few of you said it would be less expensive. One said it would be free. Almost all of you thought there would be a lot more technology in the classroom. Some of you thought there would be flying cars, or at least “real” hoverboards. Many thought it would be all online. Others thought it would be mostly online but there would still be some F2F classroom classes. A few hoped it would not be all online.

A lot of you thought that faculty would be projected either into a classroom of students, or into multiple classrooms, or distributed to each student’s terminal. One thought that classes would be taught by robots. Several said holograms.

One said all class registration would be handled by Facebook. Another said LinkedIn would be the portfolio of your university accomplishments. One said that in addition to SATs & Grades, that college admissions would take into account your “online persona.”

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

Education in 2016

The consensus of your Education in 2036 thoughts seemed to feature higher costs and more detachment. Nobody described the 2036 educational model that I personally hope for, but as luck would have it, I spent the weekend with Mihir Kathpalia & Allison Bouganim who are living my 2036 dream right here in 2016!

Mihir Kathpalia & Allison Bouganim in a waist-length photo with smiles

Mihir Kathpalia & Allison Bouganim

Mihir & Allison are students at UnCollege in San Francisco. They came down to LA to be volunteers at TEDxLA and they stayed at my place. We had some late night conversations about education, life, and many other things. Mihir & Allison are both 18. They finished High School last year and UnCollege is a “Gap Year” activity for them. The idea of a Gap Year between high school and college is pretty popular in Europe, but much less common here in the US. I like the idea a lot! I think it gives you a break from all that study. Lets you travel and experience the world. When you do go to college the year after that, you have a better idea about the world and how you’d like to live in it. You’re more mature, focused, and can get a lot more value out of your college experience.

For their gap year Mihir & Allison both chose to do UnCollege. They both said they might go to a 4-year college next year, or they might not. They really didn’t know yet. I can tell you they’re both smart, passionate people. College or not, I know they’re going to make their mark on this world. The UnCollege experience is 3 parts. Sort of like 3 quarters. The first is to volunteer abroad. Mihir went to Brazil. Allison went to Tanzania. The 2nd is spent at the UnCollege “campus” or more like “building” (they don’t have zillions of students!) in San Francisco for 10 weeks. They have 2 weeks left in San Francisco. After the holidays, part 3 will be an internship. Allison wants to stay in San Francisco and intern in the tech sector. Mihir plans to be a mentor in Spain and The Netherlands.

My own hope for 2036, although Mihir & Allison are already doing it in 2016, is that students will get out of the classroom. And that instead of college being about University Requirements it will be more about Student Passion. That you’ll be able to pull your educational plan together from multiple sources. An internship here. An online class from Stanford or MIT there. A ballet or ceramics or electronics experience F2F @CSULB. A project discussion group online or on campus or both.

Less top down information.
More bottom up interest explored.

Yesenia Hernandez & Claudia Sanchez in CSULB classroom FA4-311

Yesenia Hernandez & Claudia Sanchez

Art Talk OTW

  1. 3 Million Years of Art History
  2. Joseph DeLappe
  3. Mahsa Soroudi
  4. The Mind in the Cave
  5. documentary: Bomb It
  6. Classical Greece & Rome
  7. Renaissance & Baroque
  8. 19th Century
  9. Aesthetics & Beauty and Realism & Romanticism
  10. 20th Century
  11. documentary: The Internet’s Own Boy
  12. Abstraction & Representation
  13. Carla Dauden
  14. 21st Century
  15. Hennessy Youngman: To Catch a Millennial

For our final Art Talk OTW we have a guest speaker: Hennessy Youngman. Here’s his talk To Catch a Millennial given at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. In it he thinks about how Cultural Institutions (eg Museums) can engage your generation.

  1. Be sure to include your name on your comments.
  2. Be sure to include 1p or 2:30 on your comments.

Interactive Art History Timeline

If you want to play with the Art History Timeline that you see me using in these talks, you can get your very own copy & the Freemind software to view, modify, or make your own, here: