Hi guys! Welcome to Art110!

Don’t worry – summer’s not over yet!!

But the new school year is on it’s way and I thought I’d say hello! I’m looking forward to meeting you. And I made a little video to say that:

Here’s the class website – haha – actually, you’re already here!

As you know, or will know if you watch the video above, our class is a “Hybrid” class – the 1st hybrid class the CSU Long Beach, School of Art (SOA) has every offered! So your syllabus will be different from last Spring which was an F2F class, but if you’re dying for a peek at what’s up, you can look at the spring syllabus, it’ll be fairly similar, obviously with some changes:

If you have any questions about the class, you can leave them as comments below. The class is currently full, but if you have a friend that wants to take it with you, I probably can add them the 1st day.

Happy Summer!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!
I’ll see you at the end of August.

Here’s a few pix of the adventures the Summer Art110 class has been on… we’ll be doing things like this too…

Keep Cool!

— Glenn

Elizabeth Chen holding a plaster casting of her hand

Elizabeth Chen – Plaster Casting

Lisa Bernhauser creating an automatic drawing with a friend

Lisa Bernhauser – Automatic Drawing

Adam Waldrop & Layla Hadidi painting at the Art Walls at Venice Beach, CA

Adam Waldrop & Layla Hadidi – Graffiti Writing

Lisa Bernhauser sketching a landscape at the CSULB Japanese Garden

Lisa Bernhauser – sketching at the CSULB Japanese Garden (no experience / skill required!)

Layla Hadidi

Layla Hadidi – portrait imagining her own demise

Banner for Art110 Fall semester 2016

Written by Glenn Zucman

BA, Psychology, University of Hawaii, MFA, Intermedia Art, Long Beach State. Host of American Public Media's "Border Patrol." Host of KBeach Radio's "Strange Angels." Interested in Identity Art that explores our Oracle-at-Delphi-like straddling of corporeal and virtual realms in our new media century. Civil rights in online space. 10 years...
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