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Wk 1: Nice 2meetU!



Hi guys! Welcome to Art110 and to Fall 2016! Most weeks this Weekly Activity Post from me will come out on Mondays. For the first week I’m sending it out a few days in advance so anyone who wants can get started already. If you’re busy enjoying the last week of summer – no worries! – just ignore this till Monday!

As you know, Art110 is a Hybrid Class. We only meet F2F once a week, on Wednesdays, and do the rest of the course online at the time of your choice. There are 3 sets of things to do to get started, and a couple items in each of those:

A. Get Listed
B. Do Stuff & Blog It
C. Watch Video, Research & Discuss

Screen cap of the "Who's Who" page for the 2:30 section of the class

A. Get Listed

A1. Say Hi

“Saying Hi” is optional, but highly encouraged. To tell us who you are and paste a photo, just fill out this easy form:

After that you can go see who else is in the class. You can also click on Majors and Colleges to see who else is here in Art110. There might only be 1 or 2 peeps from your major, like Kinesiology or Business or Nursing… but there will probably be a bunch of peeps in related majors from your College, like College of Health & Human Services or College of Liberal Arts.

A2. On the Roster!

Each week you’ll be writing 2 posts on your blog. You don’t have to “turn in” these posts to me. Instead, in this 1st week, you’ll give me your URL, which I’ll add to the class roster. After that you just do your 2 posts by Sunday night, and I’ll go find them on Mondays and give you points.

B. Do Stuff & Blog It

Every week we’ll do 2 of these 3 activities:

  • Art Activity
  • Artist Conversation
  • Classmate Conversation

As I just noted above, you’ll Turn In these activities by adding your URL to the roster page, and after that you’ll just do your 2 blog posts by 11:59pm on Sunday night. For Week 1, our 2 will be Art Activity & Classmate Conversation.

B1. Classmate Conversation

I’ll give you time in class to do a Classmate Conversation. Pick anyone in class that you don’t know yet and learn about them. Try to be generous with each other. Do your best to be open and sharing. The Classmate Conversation is really my gift to you. It’s a big class and it might be hard to meet peeps. But if you only wanted facts, you could read a book or take an online class. I think a part of why you’re physically on campus is to meet classmates. So let’s do that! And have fun!

Things to talk about:

  • Major, hobbies, where you’re from, etc
  • Any Art experience?
  • What’s your definition of Art?
  • Question of the Week – each week we’ll have a Question of the Week to discuss with classmates. Suggest questions at Fall ’16 QOTW

Starting in Week 3 we’ll be down in the School of Art (SOA) Galleries, and then you can look at CSULB SOA Student Art with your classmates!

Never publish any blog post without at least 1 photo! For your classmate conversation, take a photo with the person you talk to! As you might know, students plagiarize a lot. I have to be pretty watchful that work is real. To give you credit I should see a photo of you with your classmate on your post.

B2. Art Activity

Our Week 1 Art Activity will be Plaster Casting. I know a few of you probably hate the beach, and if you prefer, you can get some sand, put it in a bucket, and do this activity at home. But for the majority of you who do like the beach, and maybe wish summer was a little bit longer, here’s a chance to do some of your work at The Beach actually at The Beach! 😀

Full details on our Plaster Casting Activity page:


TEXTBOOK: No textbook to buy! Your smartphone is your textbook!

MATERIALS: See the Materials List. The Plaster, Bucket, Shovel, Stir Stick & Paint Brush you’ll need are all available in the Art 110 Art Kit which will be available starting Monday in the CSULB Art Store, located in building FA3 (Fine Art #3) for $74.25. The Art Store is going to pay the tax for you! 🙂

Optional Meetup Sat, Aug 27, 10am – Noon @Seal Beach Pier

You don’t really need my help to do this Activity. But the weather’s great and it’d be cool to have a chance to meet a few of you. You can do the activity at any beach at any time, or even at home as described on the Activity Page, but we can also optionally meetup this Saturday between 10am & Noon at the Seal Beach Pier. Maps on the Activity Page. And I’ll bring 3 gallons of iced tea, just in case you’re thirsty! 😀

C. Watch Video, Research & Discuss

As you know (if you read the syllabus!) each week we’ll have a video, usually from me and around 8-15 minutes, and a few times longer, maybe 90 minute documentaries, to watch and discuss. Our Week 1 video is 3 Million Years of Art History.

Art History Timeline

In the video you saw me using an Art History Timeline. If you’d like a free, interactive copy of your very own, here’s how:

  1. Download free, Freemind software at
  2. Right-click & Download the file at
  3. Install the Freemind Software
  4. Right-Click the downloaded “” file and “Extract All.” (If you don’t, you will still see the tree structure, but all of the image links will be broken.)
  5. Open the extracted folder and Open “” with Freemind
  6. Have fun exploring 3 Million Years of Art History!

Your Discussion Post

After watching the video and doing some online research, you should leave 2 (or more) Discussion Comments right here on this page. Be sure you’re on the correct page! There’s a page for the 1p class and a page for the 2:30 class and you must post on the correct page!

Your 1st comment should be an Original Comment where you post your ideas derived from the video. Your 2nd comment should be a Reply Comment in response to a classmate. Each comment should be about a paragraph. A sentence is too short. Try to be analytic. Please don’t simply say that you really liked something or didn’t really like something or were confused by something. Dig deeper! If you’re confused, it’s your job to explore that and see what you can find. I’m here too, of course! If you’re really confused, just ask for help! But try to work through ideas, connect the dots, and share your insights about art, life & culture. With your Reply Comment, consider your classmate’s ideas, if you agree with their perspective, then try to amplify their ideas by adding your new thoughts. If you think things are different or more complicated, then respectfully try to modify their direction with your new contributions. You can draw on online research, anything you’ve seen in our video, or read in any book or seen in any video, and you can also apply your own life experience as evidence to build a persuasive argument.


When you’re ready, just scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and write what you have to say! Be sure you are using a name to comment that I can find in the University gradebook!

Your “Gravatar”

If you drop by and make an account for the same email address that you used for your account, then when you leave comments here you’ll have a cool photo avatar instead of a generic icon.

Other Materials

That’s it for the A, B & C of Week 1! Here are some more course materials that will probably be useful:

  1. Syllabus
  2. Schedule on Trello
  3. Roster
  4. Materials
  5. Question OTW
  6. Chat – talk with Glenn or class 24/7, also the spot for the Monday 9-10am Virtual Office Hour

Want some help reading the syllabus? Here it is:


A Lot of Stuff?

Does this seem like a lot? Probably! 😀 But remember it’s a brand new class structure for most of you. After you get through Week 1 I think you’ll find it pretty easy. And of course there’s no cramming for exams or reading paper textbooks, everything is engaged activity for you! (I hope!)

In Class Week 1

  1. Critique some sample artworks
  2. 90 Seconds – say hello
  3. 90 Seconds – brainstorm, then select 4 things you could make a work of art about
  4. 90 Seconds – say hello
  5. 90 Seconds – pick the best media to express [items from white board]
  6. Classmate Conversations


For freshmen: Welcome to The Beach!
For returning students: Welcome Back!

I’m looking forward to meeting you and having a great semester in Art110!


Let’s Chat!